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2.31 - "Needs Work" 

I call it A Portrait and I think there's a lot quirky about it.. :)

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Wouldn't mind knowing what you feel is quirky about the shot. :)

Either way. The lighting looks good, especially the highlight in her hair. Perhaps adding a second pop of light to the right side for a nice edge highlight on her right side would be cool?

There are a few loose hairs around her head that would be easy to remove in the edit to clean it up a bit.

The pose is a bit awkward, it does not look like a very comfortable and natural pose with the arms like this. Having her right arm up but at the same time having the shoulders at this angle just seems like a weird pose.

Personally feel the crop could be different. Having her right elbow sliced off from the frame should probably be avoided and the same for having the crop just at the "butt crack". Either crop a little higher or crop lower. But just this edge and all I'm thinking is "Builder's bum" when seeing this.

Thanks for a great comment! Maybe, due to me being a non-English speaker, I'm not certain about the word quirky enough, but what you describe about the awkwardness of the pose, a portrait with no face could qualify as "quirky"?