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2.38 - "Needs Work" 

While shooting a dance event for the City, this young lady rests a bit in her silks between routines. Not something you see every day. The window light in this 1909 building was so beautiful for this entire event, no supplemental lighting was needed. There was a large window my right casting cloud filtered light on her cheek and the left side of her body. - photographed with a Nikon D750, 70-200mm f2.8 @ f2.8 at 122mm and 1/200 sec.

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I agree that the lighting is really good! and I like the pose and expression of the girl. and it's a solid image!

if I can point out things. It's quite a wide crop. Even though the colourful backdrop on the left gives some interest, I'd almost say it's stronger as a tight vertical crop on just her.
But I can understand that the wide shot was picked to show more of the dance studio/location.

I'd personally at least crop out (or photoshop out) the brown wood in the top of the frame. If that was a solid white wall, it would look a little cleaner.

(and I'm kinda bummed that the bike is there)

Thanks for the feedback! There are a lot of little things that keep this from being "perfect"... I did intentionally leave the artwork on the left to give it some contrast....I toyed with several different crops. In this case I was photographing an event, so this was really more of a candid image than a portrait. - The bicycles... This space is a multi use event space, and there was an art exhibit featuring bicycles...they were everywhere. It's funny what different people see. In doing some editing to this image to take out a couple of people who didn't fit the setup... I didn't even notice the bike back there. Thanks for the comments! They always help me "see" better.