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3.11 - "Solid" 

Very food orientated doggo, very keen on his incoming treat

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I like it!

I'd love the eyes to pop a bit more, with some more detail in there. Mainly it is the huge highlight in the left eye ruins the detail a bit. I'm no dog photographer, so not sure how that could get fixed, maybe moving the light or perhaps toning it down? and the right one is a bit dark and washed out.

Love all the detail though, looks great. Fur looks nice.
When it comes to these types of shots I actually prefer not to see the treat/snack, so perhaps photoshopping that out?
Just to make the viewer wonder more about how and why the dog is making such a face.

Thank you. I appreciate the detailed feedback.

I’m partial to a nice round catchlight, I need to get better at cleaning those up to get one of those nice solid, polished and round catch lights.

I was in two minds about the treat myself, and ended up leaving it in as the company that makes this food is rather high end, and has a somewhat distinctive shape and size to it. Almost like a commercial image for the company themselves.

Again, thank you for taking the time, I really appreciate it. The feedback is great and gives me plenty to work on next time we try this.

With the dog food company in mind, it is of course best to leave the food in there!

What I'd then think of doing, is maybe also taking a separate (product) shot of the treat, completely in focus. And replacing the treat of this image, with an in focus one, so you can see all of the detail and shape of the treat.

I'd have liked to see better colours in the fur - the dog looks either black or brown, but sort of in between rather than one or the other. Great shot and expression :)

Thank you! He is a black lab but has a light patch on his muzzle that turns brown the second you hit it with light. Which is definitely the worst section of it. He could do with a bit of dodging and burning to get some deep blacks into it though. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it :)

Great shot. A little PS work would take it from a 3 to a 4 (IMHO). Reduce the catchlight with bit of cloning/blending and replace the treat with one that's in focus.

Thank you. That seems to be the consensus, I’ll give it a go before it makes it’s way on to my portfolio.