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3.18 - "Solid" 

I was working out with a friend when he told me he had lampshades in his trunk from an estate sale so while we were working out I was trying to figure out how I would create the light for this shot. I wanted it to be more practical so when we finished we went back to my house and grabbed tupperware which I used to house our phones to makes the light source :D We also shoot in abandoned buildings a lot so this was one of our spots that is now gone due to new ownership.

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The voters on this site are insane. This is a good photo. And it fits the theme.

Agreed. This is a great shot. It may be the rating system that's the problem. :)

At least it's come up since I made this comment. It was 30 votes in and 2.5*

Perfect for the theme and an interesting photo, nice work!

Agreed, excellent work.

Really creative... and quirky!

What happened? This is still the highest-rated in my book (and apparently FStoppers's)

aww thanks :D

apparently someone else was highest rated guess the system is broken