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2.11 - "Needs Work" 

Wrath. Anger is a strong emotion. Photographed on a black background in my studio. Model did her own makeup which is quite cool. I edited the image to achieve the high def look. One light. Always Canon products.

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Hey everyone--I'm new to this site but I feel like if you are going to say something needs work you should say what that work is because how can someone improve? If you don't explain the criticism, it just comes across as being insulting. Please help me and explain.

Welcome, Tracy. I'm pretty new here also - only having posted since June. If you haven't done so yet post some pictures to some groups and try to get some feedback there. You may not get a lot of replies but you will get some good feedback from some extremely talented people.

For this contest, I try to interpret what the photographer is saying in the picture. Does it exude emotion? Me personally I didn't want to put what I thought were the emotions of my pictures in the caption - it should come across in the picture. I think that can put you at odds with what the viewer sees. What I got from this is that she was splattered with blood and the attacker is coming after her next as in a horror movie. I think there are better ways to show anger and wrath. The composition could be better as well. Why is the right side of her body cropped? And if she is angry and wrathful she's going to be looking to get someone - looking into the camera can really hit home that she's coming after YOU.

It's not my intent to be overly critical but I like it straight when I ask for critique. Like you, I want to improve my work - I've had my images shot down, too. Good luck and keep at it.

Thanks Bruce. I totally understand your point about stating the emotion. And I like your story for her. I cropped her bc I've been told that my images shouldn't be so symmetrical--LOL. I will look into the groups. Thanks again for your help!!

You're welcome!

I feel that the editing is a bit strong and the lighting could be improved. A bit too much contrast for my own taste.

Thank you for the feedback. Personal taste is just that: personal. The image was meant to be harsh. My work is more on the conceptual side. I really do appreciate you taking the time to comment :)