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2.36 - "Needs Work" 

I was enjoying the sun on the beach when the storm started to develop. The natural thing to do would be an escape, but ... obviously this fishing boat had a slightly different idea. I grabbed the camera and my head began to play that familiar tune... Riders on the Storm... ....Into this world we're thrown....

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If you could somehow crop out the beach this would be a very ominous scene, telling an interesting story!

Love the colour palette here!

Yeah... I was thinking about it as well. I needed the waves and eventually hoped the beach would not distract too much... All in all, I'm glad you like it :) Good day!

I remember being on Oil Tankers heading South to Long Beach CA from coming from Valdez Alaska in storms...God...what a trip they were.

Although, I like this photo, there are things that I see that make it look unreal. If this boat is on this course, that close to the beach, you should have captured photos and showed us how this boat survived. It would have been grounded, unless, the beach curved and the boat was entering the channel. But with the beach line, and the course the boat is going, it would have been grounded and a boat grounded is a Captains nightmare.

D Man.. you are a very perceptive observer :) Actually, the thing is very simple - it's the very tip of a small peninsula. I'm more of a flyer than a sailor so .. don't know what to add. I have no idea how deep that water is, but I trust those guys know what they are doing :) Have a good one and thanks for the comment!

P.S. A small bonus for you ... ...if you look closely in front of the ferry there's a submarine. I noticed during the post :D

nice! I wonder if the ferry seen the sub...

They must have... they were much closer :D