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2.04 - "Needs Work" 

Now that it is rainy season here in the Philippines, you can have lots of chances to get shots of lightning these days. As for my experience though, it can be quite tough chasing lightning shots, as there are most times that clouds dissipate quickly, and cause the good lightning forks to disappear as well. This types of shots involve a bit of luck in a way.

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This image seems very soft compared to your other work. Any reason?

Thanks for dropping a comment :)

The softness is the result of me going overboard to reduce the noise in the image. This image was shot at ISO 100, but I had to crop to get my desired composition. Shot with a Nikon 3100, which was a 14 megapixel APSC camera, cropping on it will definitely give noise on the image even if you shot it at ISO 100. This was definitely a learning experience for me :)

Thanks for checking out my other work :) I am just an amateur photographer, and I have no mentor at all, so any feedback on my other images will be greatly welcomed by me :)

The lighting is amazing, and the colour is great. But as has been mentioned, the denoise has softened everything. That's not terrible. It does give you the opportunity to approach it in a more artistic or painterly manner. I'd play with it in photoshopo and see how you can make it pop as an art piece! :D

Thanks for the advice :) I'll play around it more in Lightroom if ever I do a re-edit/re-process of this same photo in the future :)

I'm curious to know what it looked like with the noise left in?