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For this critique, we got some really cool shots of storms. Watch our critique video here.

For the next critique on "photos taken at night" you can always visit

  • Submission Deadline: Wed, 14 Oct 20 03:15:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

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This was my first competition here. While rating photos the past week I noticed all the bitching about how flawed the voting is on this site. At first i though they were all just being silly.. but now i tend to agree with most of them in pointing out how flawed your rating system is.

There are clearly photos entered here that are better than mine that has a lower rating than my one entry. and there are most definitely entries here that deserve better rating than the low ratings they ended up with.

Dear FSTOPPERS Team... your site and RATING SYSTEM IS FUCKED UP, Yes possibly it was manipulated like they hypothesized while voting... BUT then fix it !

And Honestly? You two guys are not the GODS of photography. I would honestly have an honest rating from 400 other photographers of my work rather than you sit and talk nonsense over it.

As far as anyone can tell, it seems the ratings manipulation is being done by multiple independent users who give images low ratings, not some sort of problem with the site itself. There's not really a fix for that, nor is there really an incentive to. They recently stopped giving free tutorials to the highest scoring images, so at this point, ratings have no meaning aside from how you feel about them.

Also, I think you're missing the point of a critique. That is to talk about an image, and identify its strengths and weaknesses so that the creator can improve on it and people present can learn from it. When I was in art school, students critiqued each other's work all the time, it's part of the process. It's usually better than a numerical rating, no matter how many people voted, as it gives you actionable advice on your images.

No, I am not missing the point.. My issue is with the rating system. I have no issue with the critique part NOR did I write here and complain about it...

The last paragraph of your previous post really sounded like you took issue with the hosts critiquing images.

Alex no i love that there is critique. it is worth more that just stars !

You are not the only one to notice it. That's for sure, nor am I. It's worse than DPRview's "challenges" and I say that even though I won one a few years ago. I've scratched my head a many a time at some of the winners at DPR and Fs. At DPR they called it "sandbagging" which, from what I understand, is one person that has multiple accounts giving themselves high marks and others low. I don't know if that goes on here or not.

I have concluded that in their featured photos on the home page that they lean towards artsy photos with a ethereal and somewhat surrealistic look with lots of processing as if that's the only style that counts. Not....

It's too bad Fstoppers caved-in to the rating system whiners. smh It was fine the way it was.

With that said, a better alternate is just hide the overall rating on the images until the contest is over. Have it so you can only see your own rating on the images you've rated.

To promote more critiques on the images, especially on the low rates ones, hide the commenter's name. Use something generic like "Member".

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