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2.06 - "Needs Work" 

This was a photo taken last week during the first session ever in our new PR studio. We filmed a few videos that will come out soon but then at the end I wanted to do something more grunge in the vein of mid 90s style fashion.

Lighting is 1 Profoto B10 from the left with a reflector casting the hard shadow you see on the wall. Then a B10 bouncing into the ceiling near the camera to open up the shadows on her nose and right side (overall fill) and then a third light, a B10x in the Westcott Optic Spot to give the little window light directly on her face and behind her head. File was tweaked in Lightroom and desaturated a bit to mute the skin tones.

Lee absolutely hates this image and style and I'm kind of impartial. My inspiration was Kate Moss shot by Testino and Rankin from the 90s and thought the boots, black dress, and grungy textures/boxes sort of mimicked that style.

Curious to hear what you guys think....Lee calls this a classic "model Mayhem" looking image and I get that but also see this style quite a bit by big named photographers.

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I absolutely don't think MM when looking at the image.

The story I get (though not necessarily the one you intended to tell) is one of two personalities, personas, etc.
- The hard shadow creates the illusion of a pose that's different to the one the model is actually taking...
- Which works well with the two levels of wooden crates...
- Which plays well with with the Wescott light window

Now I just sound like I'm full of shit and will stop typi-