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Show Us Photos With Incredible Leading Lines
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2.38 - "Needs Work" 

A couple of my friends collaborated on a song that they were planning on releasing, so they asked me if I'd be down to photograph the cover art for the EP. The image is a composite (obviously), using a mixture of light. The guys were lit with a combination of a giant 6' softbox which was gelled CYAN, and a hard light which was gelled with a full CTO. For the location, I shot a series of images ranging from dusk through nighttime. With an added shot that with the scene illuminated with a propane lantern.

The leading lines in the image might not be as "on the nose" as some other folk's submissions... but I can promise you they're every bit as intentional. This location was an empty recently harvested wheat field which we transformed into this pseudo-fenced trail using wood found around the field. All the elements and subjects were placed according to a Root Phi dynamic symmetry grid.

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