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2.47 - "Needs Work" 

Shot at Col del Nivolet, Gran Paradiso National Park Italy (this is not on the Dolomites as it is on the opposite side of the Alps)

I used the light trails of a passing car as the leading line between these two artificial lakes formed by two dams.

This image is a composite I made from 12 shots I took over the time span of roughly 3 hours, I chose my composition at sunset and waited for the blue hour to take 2 exposures for the foreground as I wanted to have 2 clean exposures at the lowest ISO but dark enough to be credible when composite with the stars, one was brighter and one was darker and I used them to dodge and burn the foreground. Then I had plenty of time to choose a car passing by to take the light trails exposures and experiment with them, I decided to take 9 exposure for the light trails because I liked the fact that If you zoom in enough you can almost see the car between each exposure. The last one was the stars' exposure and I waited for the Milky Way to be vertical enough without losing the core behind the mountain.

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