Fashion Photographer Takes the Cheap Camera Challenge

One of my favorite photography video themes has always been the pro photographer, cheap camera challenge. Just like the others, this episode doesn't disappoint. 

Coming to you from DigitalRev TV, this episode features Ruby Law, a professional fashion photographer and a... well, I don't what camera it is. All I can tell you is that it has a silly face painted on the front of it and looks like it costs somewhere in the vicinity of $12-15. Nonetheless, the thing I always appreciate about these challenges is that besides the sheer fun of watching a talented photographer work with a terrible camera, you can learn a ton about what creates a good image by watching how they work with posing, lighting, and more to still create compelling photos that capture the eye and imagination. I found this episode particularly good, as Law goes through a variety of shoots with several models and spends a lot of time discussing why she makes certain choices and how she creates the images she has in mind, and the final results are quite good despite the toy camera she's stuck shooting with the entire time. You can follow Law's work on Instagram.

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Fritz Asuro's picture

"Only Sony" what?

Lee Orico's picture

Great episode!

Curtis Powell's picture

Great article! The gear is only as good as the photographer.

Stefan Gonzalevski's picture

"It's like a Leica, but yellow" This one killed me :-)

Great video !