Support Noam, Create A T-Shirt With The Stolen Scream

The Stolen Scream
5 Days ago we released The Stolen Scream, a story about Noam Galai's stolen photographs. So far, it has been viewed by over 130,000 people and hundreds of websites have already picked up the story. As you know, Noam has made almost no money from his images being used around the world but I think that we can help him in a small way.

How you can help
We have decided to make the Fstoppers March Photoshop Contest a t-shirt/graphics contest to support Noam. If you want to donate your talent to help Noam, please download either his original image, or the graphic image of his scream and create your own design from it. Once you create a graphic, post it here on our forum. At the end of the month Noam himself will choose his favorite graphic and it will be sold in his scream store. All proceeds from the design will go to Noam but the winner will receive a t-shirt with his or her winning design on it plus an Urban Design 70 bag from Think Tank.

If you don't have the time or the talent to be a part of the contest, you can still help by sharing this contest on Twitter or Facebook. You can also support Noam by purchasing his original scream designs.

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Wonderful idea, I am in!

@Solstice, Nice! I can wait to see what you come up with Pratik

Love the idea. Good to see you guys using disqus

Patrick Hall's picture

Not quite yet too frustrated with it I had to disable it for a bit.