Vogue Under Fire for Sensually Posing the Hadid Sisters Completely Nude

Vogue Under Fire for Sensually Posing the Hadid Sisters Completely Nude

The upcoming March issue of British Vogue has a Hadid sister on the front and back cover draped in shimmering Versace gowns and in the inside spread a photo suggesting incest? 

Right when British Vogue shared this image to their Instagram, I took a screenshot because I found it instantly weird. To me, everything about this image is a little strange; the posing, the nudity, the editing, and especially the fact that the two very well-known models are sisters. I was wondering if people would notice this weirdness, and they sure did. Twitter users are uprearing about the image, calling it disgusting, disturbing, and even that it promotes incest. 


In addition to the social media war about whether this photo taken by Steven Meisel is inappropriate or not, viewers are also criticizing it's overly edited appearance. Some are saying Bella, on the left, doesn't even look like herself. Many people are also addressing the nudity, saying it's far from fashion. Every element of this image is making the Internet uncomfortable, causing a back and forth about its presence. I want to know what you all think of this controversial image.

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Carlton Canary's picture

Everyone who is offended by this is just supporting the idea that a woman's body is inherently a sexual object. Nudity is our most natural form. Just look at the controversy Sally Mann caused years ago with nude images of her family, including her children. Assuming all parties were willing and comfortable, I don't see the problem with this at all. We may not be able to see ourselves posing this way with our siblings, but does that mean that there is something sinister happening when someone else does it?

Motti Bembaron's picture

European (even Britons) have very different views to nudity, sex, sexuality etc. Needless to say they are more comfortable with then it is in the US.

Motti Bembaron's picture

Yes, I compare an attitude of a continent to the US. It is a generalization however, Working with European youth (of many countries), having a close relationship with a couple of them and traveling in Europe many times, I can tell you that the overall attitude to sex, sexuality and intimacy is way more relaxed and natural than it is in the US. And it starts at a young age

Iain Lea's picture

Bob, I find that to be very arrogant and certainly misinformed.

Visited all 27/28 EU countries over the years and on average they are very easy going and liberal with respect to being human and all that endures.

I have also visited the US numerous times both work related and on vacation. The only 3 areas I would view as laid back and worth considering to live there would be florida, california and hawaii due to the weather... oregon and montana if weather is not relevant.

Iain Lea's picture

got a hot tip for you... surf on over to dpreview.com and team up with Sarah Terra... you will hit it off with her straight away... same mindset!

now you have a good day boyo...

best wishes from big island

ps. nice portfolio you are showing here to the fstoppers community ;-)

How many American countries have you visited to be so sure about America?

Your answer sounds like "one"...

"America" (some add "s") is 2 continents, 35 countries... Which specific American country culture you mean?

This is undeniable fact that America consists of two continents and is not a country. Just look at map module in LR.

My undeniable fact is more undeniable than yours. So, how many except Republic of Texas?

Gabrielle Colton's picture

Woah guys, a lot of geography going on here lol. 💙💙💙

Iain Lea's picture

bobby boy why would you need to discuss C1 or LR? you have an empty portfolio here so who is the troll now lol ?

Iain Lea's picture

No mate... its a _photography_ forum and site so either put up your work or become a lurker as most here would see an empty profile == troll profile bobby boy lol

Motti Bembaron's picture

Hi Bob, I worked with young individuals from all Scandinavian countries, Germany, France, England, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Austria, Netherlands and Belgium. I had very close relationship with a German English and Hungarian females.

Maybe I generalized all of Europe but in all honesty, just about all individuals I encountered (regardless of nation) had a very similar attitude towards intimacy. I also visited the families of two of the girls I was close with and they had a very similar attitude as my family had towards relationship and intimacy.

When I immigrated to Canada (Quebec) over 30 years ago I found it to be a bit more conservative but quite relaxed. However, I soon realized how different it was in US. I got to know a couple of young families with teenage kids and was surprised to see how uncomfortable and awkward they were when it came to sex and intimacy.

I can say without any doubt that as a 70's teen (that is forty years ago) I had more freedom and tolerance (from parents, teachers etc.) than US teens have today.

I am always amazed to see that kids here are free to watch extreme violence, on TV and video games) but are lectured, discouraged and even punished if do the same with porn and nudity.

I should add that this is just an observation from one individual living over 30 years in North America.

Gabrielle Colton's picture

Thanks for bringing up this point Motti, you are right nudity is seen in a much different light.

Wayne Denny's picture

"Every element of this image is making the Internet uncomfortable, causing a back and forth about its presence." The total number of likes & comments on those tweets is 8. I see this way too often on articles (not just here) where 'the Internet is up in arms' over something. How long did you have to search to find these three accounts? And if there truly is an Internet uprising, why not use a more popular account to show this?

Iain Lea's picture

I am soooo happy that when I started out one of the first things i did was get a good set of pay and test shooting contracts done.

What goes in the contract stays in the contract...

2 models that are sisters... been around one another their whole lives... either they agree todo the shot or not.

Depressing that other people who do not have all the facts are now dragging this onto their oh so holy moral pedestal.

The latent landscape photographer in me is awakening.

The photo doesn't bother me at all. It's a strange pose but not sexual as some suggest, in my view. The women are adults, agreed to the pose and agreed to it's release. American Puritanism is often way too sensationalist and sensitive to the modern world.

What it does do, however, is remind me of there Benneton ads of the 80s and 90s which had nothing to do with their products but kept them in the public the so people visited the shops. How many people are now aware of Vouge who gave no thought to them before? It's good marketing, if nothing else.

David Wilder's picture

I think everyone who is “offended” by the image need to take a step back and relax. If this were a pic of a man and one of them, it would have been labeled racy because they were naked but more people would have found it less offensive.

If it were one of the sisters and another woman it would have also be racy but maybe considered more empowering because it could have symbolized same sex love or it could have been considered pornographic. If it were two men people again would have probably said the same thing

Either way people who find it wrong are only projecting their own self insicurities onto the image. Had it been just one of them the same people would have found something wrong there too.

For those people out there who are siblings,you can’t tell me that growning up your parents didn’t put you and your sibling in the bath together so you guys could bathe and play with toys in the tub. You see this everywhere.

So why is it so wrong that two grown adults who are siblings do the same thing for a photo? I think it shows their bond and love for one another.

The pose is to suggest closeness if you post them apart it would not have the same close relationship feeling. Sister love and protection. It’s not sexual in nature at all.

The arm reaching back to hold on to the foot is a little out of place. It just looks like they didn’t know what to do with the arm but that’s just a technical point. I would’ve had her probably curl her arm into her own vest while they’re still leaning into each other.

Just like any other form of art you can’t please everyone. You’re going to get people that love it and people that hate it. That’s what art is meant to do is bring emotion out, but in some cases when people can’t see the good in something they may have bigger problems than just the image.

Daniel Rothenberger's picture

If you want puplicity at the moment - shoot naked famous people and retouch them like hell ;)

Andrea Dottesi's picture

funny, it's look like they're was obliged to do this shot. Or it is a stolen shot...
They agreed this photo! So where's the problem???

Funny also because a single naked lady (NSFW or not) is art but two are perversion. I think that the real problem is that the hypocritical people has too much freedom to talk.

Andrea Dottesi's picture

Yes, it is. Because folks talk for other people. If this two sisters agreed to pose naked together why somebody have to say that it is "perversion" and they shouldn't accept this shot?

Too much freedom to talk because today, social first, people talk like they have the absolute reason against the choise of the others one.

dhani borges's picture

Would Helmut Newton or Herb Ritts survive in current times ?

Kirk Darling's picture

Be careful. Someone is going to look them up and demand that all their work be blotted from the history of photography.

I think there is an issue today in that we are going backwards in our liberalism. Which is not good. Take a look at this article. An art gallery in the UK is removing a 19th Century painting by John William Waterhouse.

Iain Lea's picture

I totally agree with you. After reading the telegraph article I actually sat down and wrote an email to the curator in question and cc:'ed her boss as well. For clarity here is the body of the Email:

To: c.gannaway@manchester.gov.uk
Cc: a.wallace@manchester.gov.uk

Dear Claire,

I am shocked and deeply saddened to read of your stance with respect
to an historical work of art from the respected Artist JW Waterhouse.

A work of art should stand on its own merits and not be judged by a
newer generations morality unless the image glorifies an absolute
taboo theme ie., ethnic cleansing.

I would ask you to reconsider your choice of profession as you seem
to come up short with respect to a "curators" job requirements one
of which is too have a sense of whats actually right and not what
appeases an in-vogue and in some respects over correction of todays

It is your job to stand for whats right for the world of art, whether
that be modern art or the art produced and toiled over by earlier
generations of artists.

I have looked at the work in question and discussed with a mixed
gender, ethnic heritage and people of different faith group of
friends/contacts and the general consensus/corum was that you are
censoring a work of art.

You have become a censor and that is not the job of a curator.

After this action I would not donate to Manchester Art Gallery.

Iain Lea

OMG, naked women, I'm so offended, ban Vogue from all outlets, burn photographer and these witches!

PS: That's why it is in British Vogue, not US.

Marc lamey's picture

I just copy Glen "The only thing I find weird are people that try to exact high moral standards on our works"

I see nothing wrong with it. Be it sisters or brothers.

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