What Is a Centerfield Split Diopter?

Have you ever wondered how photographers achieved that etherial blurred effect? Well, it can be done in Photoshop, but it turns out there's a filter available to create the same results if not better.

The centerfield split diopter is a filter that fits over your camera lens. It’s essentially a magnifying glass with a split in the middle that is flat, so that part of the filter will keep the image sharp. The magnified area creates a blurred effect as well as creating a nice bokeh on any reflective surfaces and lights. It gives the image a really beautiful, dreamy look and is great for fashion or creative portraits.

I'm always looking for new ways to add interest to my fashion photography and portraits. The way Lindsay has the scene and model lit with colored gels does add to the mood and impact of this image. I would suggest experimenting with this filter as much as possible and then add some colored gels to create that wow factor.

I have never used this filter, but I now have one on order. I think this it a great tool to help create something new and more dynamic. I know this will be a great addition to my camera bag.

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Korbin is a Fine Art, Fashion and Home Photographer living in Los Angeles. His love of photography began early while growing up in Detroit and eventually turning professional while living in L.A. Korbin's focus is on selling his prints, but is still very active in his other photography endeavors.

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