NYC – Mindrelic Timelapse

Today is our final day in NYC and we are currently in the studio shooting the next Fstoppers Original on Sam Yocum. I have just a second as the model gets makeup ready for the second look. I just stumbled upon this fantastic NYC timelapse by Josh Owens.

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Wow, this is awesome!

The music is fantastic.

Awesome Love the camera work, music and feel of this piece ... thank you .. I love NY

Really superb.

Yes, the music and visuals are superb!

Well, that's a city that never sleeps alright ;)

This is wicked cool

nice... they made one here in sydney too last new year's eve..

That was awesome. Love the effects, cars pulsing like blood in arteries, clouds moving in different directions, traffic circle was great, on hood cam another great idea, gave me the idea for a fat magnetic mount with a tripod clip. Guess I'll have to read full post on that now. Moving the camera during time lapse really brought the clips to life!

Very cool perspective on NYC. Loved this video.

What IS the music ? Love it too ;)... And love the video :P

This is a true work of art but how the hell do you setup timelapse in such busy areas? Do you set the camera going then just sit by it for hours with a good book :-)
If I tried it over here the camera would be gone in seconds other wise :-(

Love to know who did the music for this. Great piece!

The song is "Down To The Cellar" by Dredge. From what I've listened to, not all of their songs are this good...

If you go to the vimeo it says Music track: "down to the cellar" by Dredg

It's AMAZING!!!!! Thank you)

2:30 almost looks like a time lapse scene used in the TV show White Collar. Some of the best time lapse work i've seen, i hope i can be this good some day haha

Really Amazing ! Speechless !

This is so inspirational. amazing

That is one amazing video.. Love the music as well!