Charlie Haughey - A War Photographer's Rediscovered Photographs From Vietnam

Charlie Haughey - A War Photographer's Rediscovered Photographs From Vietnam

Charlie Haughey, a retired cabinet maker, was drafted to the US Army in 1967. While being stationed in Vietnam, Haughey was told by his commanding officer to document the war. The twist was that the photos were not to be shot of traditional combat, but as morale boosting photographs of the unit. 

After leaving Vietnam, Charlie brought the negatives back to the United States where they laid in shoeboxes until the fall of 2012. That is when Haughey met Kris Regentine, a neighbor who saw the negatives and immediately knew that the images needed to be seen. Kris scanned in all of the negatives and after 45 years of lying in a shoebox, Charlie Haughey's photographs from the Vietnam War were given new life. Over 2,000 photographs were shot by Haughey during his tour of duty from March of 1968 to May of 1969.

On April 5th, Charlie’s photo show, A Weather Walked In, opened at ADX in Portland, Oregon, where 28 of his photos were on display, complete with hand-made frames built from Charlie from reclaimed wood.

CBS Sunday Morning recently interviewed Charlie and ran his story over Memorial Day weekend.


CharlieHaughey2 CharlieHaughey3CharlieHaughey4CharlieHaughey5

To see more of Charlie Haughey's work vist the Chieu Hoi websiteblogFlickr and Facebook.

Via CBS Sunday Morning

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It's odd, a story about strippers gets peoples backs up and there are 20+ comments. Something a powerful and moving as this that sits right at the core of what photography is for and there's nothing.

I want to thank Charlie Haughey and every photographer like him for doing something very special.

Aaron Lindberg's picture

Debbie, Unfortunately that is how the internet works. Post a video of a cat playing a piano it gets a million hits, do something more remarkable like documenting part of a war, it gets grazed over. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Sometimes, when you see something deeply moving words fail you.

Especially when it's Memorial Day too.

It's amazing how many of these photos must be out there, just waiting for their moment to be discovered. I'm especially glad that he's still here to be able to see how much people appreciate his work.

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

Good quality posts don't leave anything else to say.
Unfortunately Fstoppers rarely post anything like this and instead they are targeting in controversy...


beautiful pictures, I could look at these for hours!

Very Interesting!

He is a very talented photographer. And his story brought a tear to my eyes. Thank you for sharing.

awesome photos, telling more of the story- thank you for sharing!

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Thank you for sharing. Thank you to Mr. Haughly for contributing this work to the world.

Thank you for restoring my faith in photographs


Charlie Haughey...Yup, It's the same Charlie I knew in Union City, Michigan! Great to see his face again and the acclaim he so deserves!

amazing work!