'Connectivity Lost': An Analog Short Film About the Digital Age

If you're like me, you have way too many apps on your smartphone. I know this might sound crazy coming from Fstoppers, but we really do rely too much on our phones. Yes, even the great iPhone 6s Plus. “Connectivity Lost,” by filmmaker Walter Stoehr, is a short showing what could go wrong if we depend on our phones too much.  

Stoehr decided to shoot “Connectivity Lost” on Kodak film stock, using the Eclair NPR 16mm Camera and ARRI Standard Primes. He also used Lomo anamorphic adapters, which stretches the image that was recorded in academy ratio (1.37:1) and gave the opportunity to get cinemascope widescreen ratio when edited in post. 

We decided to use this seemingly outdated technology in order to prove our point: New is not always better. Old and new ways both have their right to exist and in fact can coexist. Sometimes just calling your friend is the better option. Start reflecting your use of technology and stop asking ‘is there an app for this’ for every single hurdle you are facing!

Stoehr took the film he developed and scanned into Avid, seamlessly creating a beautiful and funny film showing the place where analog and digital meet. I think it also voices the frustration any photographer (or smartphone user in general) can experience when you're on the road to a shoot, and the damn maps app takes you down a bad route. Hopefully we don't meet the same end as the man in this video. 

You can follow Walter Stoehr on his Vimeo.

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Roman Kazmierczak's picture

Love it. Above all though love the composition of each shot!

Mitchell Sargent's picture

really well done! thought provoking and great cinematography!