Go Retro-Nouveau with Kodak and Its Dreamy Super 8 Reel

Film lovers and analog purists are not-so-patiently awaiting the release of Kodak's new Super 8 camera, which should finally come out sometime this year at a cost of $2,500-$3,000. In the meantime, Kodak took CES as an opportunity to release some new test footage that looks rather incredible. At times, the reel displays a properly vintage look reminiscent of 1960s French films. Yet, in other sequences, the footage looks much more updated. It's sharper and boasts much higher contrast, which gives hope to directors that this will be a very flexible, very capable setup.

The Kodak Super 8 camera was announced two years ago, but is only now around the corner from release. While the new Super 8 does not shoot digitally, it is a film movie camera fit for the modern age with features such as a digital sensor that reads out onto a flip-out screen for monitoring and digital audio recording to SD cards. A fully digital menu system allows for the adjustment of various settings while a contemporary design should help inspire creatives looking for a fun way to shoot a comeback format. All of this won't be cheap, though, with the camera costing several thousand dollars to start and the additional cost of about $200 per film cartridge by the time it's processed and scanned for digital consumption.

Naturally, even with film costs as high as they are, we hope to see the Kodak Super 8 sooner rather than later.

[via Cinema5D]

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I don't get it. Who wants this when you can easily shoot footage with your phone and then make it look bad in post?

Jay Jay's picture

Why shoot analog film when you can emulate stock on your phone digitally?

Because emulation does not look like film. It just looks like digital emulated to look like film.

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If you were presented with one video shot on film and the same shot digitally, could you honestly say you could pick out the real one? Honestly? Digital stock and processing has become that good nowadays. :)

A beaulieu and a nice set of lenses is way less in price for better super 8 footage... For that price, super 16 is possible

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How much will it cost in Kodakcoin?

Old film isnt just about looks, same with vinyl discs and 53' Mercedes cars. It is more expensive cause not main stream. Period. Same for Leica 35mm and all 35mm. Agree that a cheap home-development BW system could create hell a lotta fun too. Its a nieche as all film. Accept that and dont compare apples with pears. And its a nice idea. Expensive one.

I would purchase this camera... at its original price of $400-$750. I like film and I want to shoot Super 8 but this price is too much for such a niche item.