How Film Photography Can Make You a Better Photographer

We have long been in the digital age, but film has remained as an indulgence, a creative tool, or even the medium of choice for a few photographers. If you have been considering dabbling in it, this excellent video will show you some of the reasons it can make you a better overall photographer. 

Coming to you from John Branch IV Photography, this great video discusses some of the benefits of shooting film. One of the most commonly given reasons for shooting film is that it slows down your process and makes you more deliberate, as its notably finite supply and the cost associated with each click of the shutter forces you to carefully consider each frame before you make it. Certainly, you can teach yourself to be more deliberate and discerning with a digital camera, but for many of us, an actual hard and fast barrier that cannot be circumvented is more effective. Beyond that, I simply find it fun, both for reasons of nostalgia and the refreshingly different way of working. There is something very neat and special about holding a 645 negative and seeing it transformed into a print. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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iris-imaging's picture

I have been a film photographer (1975) much longer than a digital photographer (2003). I used both a 4x5 (for a short time) and 35mm. The cost of the film and printing required you to think before you shoot. I still carry and use a handheld meter most of the time.

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i believe it can because you learn the hard way and that will make them better