Learn Storytelling From the Masters of Film

We can learn so much about the art of storytelling through careful study of some of the pinnacles of the film. Blocking, subtext, shot framing: all of these and more are crucial to the conveyance of plot. Check out this video that breaks down some of film's most iconic and masterful scenes and provides great tips to incorporate into your own work. 

The ability to show meaning and advance a plot goes far beyond the literal words of a script. Directors manipulate a myriad of variables to direct our vision and attention in the manner they intend. This great video from CineFix highlights many of these techniques and how they impact us as viewers. Particularly striking is the analysis of a scene from No Country for Old Men. The film is notable for its sparse, desolate atmosphere and execution, and yet, it remains highly impactful. Here, the Coen Brothers manipulate the subtext of a scene by careful framing and subtle gestures; they lead us to the inevitable, even if we don't know exactly how we got there. They move the plot to a significant point without the activity on the screen moving much at all. 

Do you have any favorite scenes from films that showcase storytelling at its finest? Let us know in the comments!


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These videos are great, thank you.