Leica Finally Discontinues the Last Numbered M Series Film Camera

Leica Finally Discontinues the Last Numbered M Series Film Camera

While film has long been outpaced by digital, a few iconic films and camera have stuck around after the industry transitioned, one of the most notable being the Leica M7. Now, the last vestige of the film side of the iconic numbered M Series has been discontinued.

The Leica M Series has found its way into the hands of numerous top photographers over the years and has been one of the most recognizable set of cameras in and out of the photography world. Leica brought it into the digital age with the M8 in 2006, but the M7, the last film model in the series, has hung around since its introduction in 2002. Now, that'll be no more, as Red Dot Forum recently reported that the company is immediately ceasing production of all versions of the M7. The Leica M-A and MP will still be around to give Leica film shooters some camera options, but of course, the end of the M7 represents the end of an era that goes all the way back to 1954 with the M3. The Leica M7 is still available, but stock is now limited, so get yours soon if you'd like a piece of history. 

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Only a handful of new film cameras (other than silly start-ups). So two bodies left at Leica, and two bodies at Nikon. Anyone else still making film cameras?

Many Leica film shooters prefer the M-A and MP because they have mechanical shutters. The M7 has an electronic shutter and aperture priority mode which most purists don’t really like. In reality, this isn’t a story about film cameras disappearing but is more of a story about how mechanical cameras are making a comeback.

So, the glass is 1% full then...

full enough for you to choke on

Don't let the digital door hit you on the way out.

Intrested in seeing if they use this as justification to further raise the price of the MP and M-A......