Photographer Walks You Through How He Edits Film Photos

Have you tried taking film photographs and then scanning them in and performing post processing? Perhaps now is the time.

I love the YouTube channel Negative Feedback, there really isn't anything similar. George Muncey, creator of Negative Feedback is one of my favorite film photographers and it's great to see the channel growing so rapidly. For the uninitiated, the channel is focused purely on film photography and cameras. It's quiet, reserved content, void of garish transitions, wired hosts, and overpowering stock music, and that synergizes perfectly with the imagery Muncey creates. All of the photography on Negative Feedback is subtle, artistic, and enjoyable.

In this video, Muncey runs us through how he edits his film photographs after having them developed and scanned in. As you can imagine, the post processing is evolution over revolution and plays to the film origins rather than moving closer to digital. I implore you to take a look through the other videos on the channel and the Negative Feedback Instagram account  if you're in to film photography as they are a great resource for information and inspiration.

Do you shoot film? Share your images in the comments below.

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Blake Aghili's picture

He is cool . I had watched some of his Mamiya videos on youtube before.

Andy Day's picture

Big fan.

Robert Montgomery's picture

I shoot film exclusively. From chromes to black and white . If you correctly expose and develop there is very little post other than a little level and curve adjustment .