These Are the Best Film Cameras to Buy in 2022

Film has seen quite a resurgence in the last few years, and after over a century of production, the number of used cameras available can be a bit overwhelming. If you are interested in getting into film but are not sure which camera is right for you, this helpful video will show you a variety of different styles at various price points to help you choose the right one for you. 

Coming to you from Mango Street, this great video details a number of different film cameras generally available in 2022 and the different needs they suit. One important thing to consider before buying a film camera is its mount. If you only own mirrorless cameras and lenses, this will not matter much, but if you own a library of DSLR lenses, there is a good chance you can use at least some of them on a film camera. For example, the Canon EF mount was in use long before they started producing DSLRs, which means there is a wide range of Canon film cameras out there that can readily use EF lenses. For example, I got the EOS 100 on eBay for $20 specifically because of its super-quiet shutter, and it uses all my EF lenses flawlessly. Check out the video for the full rundown.

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There's a few other film cameras but the one that comes to mind is the Minolta 9000 one of the first Pro level modular 35mm cameras. It was the only Pro AF camera that had a manual wind or you could use a winder or motordrive. It could be all manual or all Auto.

What about a Nikon F3?

Oh the nostalgia of shooting film, running to the lab three times to drop E6 off, judge clip tests and then the finished transparencies. Then the scanning, dust removal or lovely smell of the darkroom. Yes, I miss my Nikon film bodies, an FM, 8008s, F4, F5 then a 645Pro, Pentax 67II and then the RZProII with those huge transparencies. Now that the EF mount has given way to the RF, I may pick up an EOS 1 and play with a little TRI-X or color negative film.