'Metamorphosis' Photo Project Challenges Artists

Four German body painters and photographers have teamed up to blend the human body and natural landscapes into an art project they call "Metamorphosis." Photographers Laila Pregizer and Uwe Schmida have been working with body painters Jörg Düsterwald and Léonie Gené since 2008 to integrate their subjects into various natural landscapes in all seasons. It's notable that the project does not rely on Photoshop to create the images, but rather on the skills of the artists.

Models were painted at each location to create what the artists call a "new perspective." Keep in mind these are nude artists, so the winter scenes take on a whole new dimension of focus and concentration for the models and the body painters. They invite you to "take some time to discover more than beautiful landscapes." Some of the photos challenge you to find the blended bodies. Other images are more obvious. They are tagged with names like "Fairy Water," "Become Stone," and "Melancholy." Pregizer emphasized: "it is important for us to integrate the models with their body pose and body painting into the scenery," adding more meaning to the end result than a simple "Where's Waldo" effect. The images are collected in a large format 2017 fine art calendar and are also available in canvas. A book is also planned.

Photographer Uwe Schmida is a freelance photographer, working in advertising and architecture, but his love appears to be landscapes and people. Laila Pregizer is a part-time freelance photographer emphasizing portrait and art photography. Jörg Düsterwald is one of only a few full-time body painters in Germany and says he sees the human body as his canvas. Léonie Gené got her start as a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist, but has been working as a body painter with the Metamorphosis team since 2011. 

Images used with permission of Laila Pregzier and Uwe Schmida.

[via The Sun]

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brilliant work ! extremely inspiring, thanks for sharing