[Pics] Flickr Spotlight – Lonely Trees

[Pics] Flickr Spotlight – Lonely Trees

Trees are something that we're used to seeing together, in groups, or at least a few feet away from each other. This is why pictures of lonely trees are so magical. It makes you stop for a second and think about the place, and even make your own story for the picture. Check out this set of amazing lonely tree images chosen out of thousands of pictures on Flickr.

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Photo: Jeff Gaydash.

The Next Hill
Photo: Loren Zemlicka.

Frozen Mist
Photo: Todd Klassy.

France, Morvan
Photo: David Rombaut.

The Snow is Always Whiter...
Photo: Loren Zemlicka.

Photo: Scott Masterton.

Photo: Eric.

Photo: Drew Medlin.

Photo: Ryan Pendleton.

Photo: Bill Allen.

Photo: Gavin Dunbar.

Minimal Clarity
Photo: Vicki Mar.

Photo: Hugo Bonnet.

Photo: John Koinberg.

lonely | tree
Photo: Omar Mokhtar.

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John's picture

So, I click on the very first picture, and it takes me to Flickr page, where this photo is 'All rights reserved'. Shouldn't you know better?

Noam Galai's picture

John - yes its "all right" like most of them - but the all allow bloggers to embed the image directly from flickr. A lot of photographers dont allow that and we never take images from them.

Tam Nguyen's picture

Like @noamgalai:disqus said, you can click on 'Share' and grab the HTML code. Per Flickr's policy, as long as  each image you embed links back to the original Flickr's page of the image, you're fine.

Um, no. That's not how "All rights reserved" works. Flickr's policy does not allow you to grab someone else's photo. Flickr's policy (the one you are referencing) is for a person to always link back when they post *their own* content elsewhere. It's to protect against flickr becoming photobucket etc...

 Those all photos really impressive. It's amazing what one can find in a picture thats why they say a picture says a thousand words.  Really got serious about photography.