Three Simple Tips for Better Food Videos

Lately, I have been watching more food recipe videos. Some of them are well made and others are kind of boring and flat. What can you do to make sure your videos are not the latter?

Skylar Burt with We Eat Together shares three simple tips to help elevate your food videos. The first one is pretty simple: it's all about how you capture the scene and what actions are taken for each step. Burt shows several different examples of how he executes this part to give you some inspiration. 

While Burt has some nice gear for the next tip ,which is to get your camera moving, there's are different options for this. Many of you probably have seen this hack before, but if you don't own a slider or dolly, you can use a towel on a smooth surface to capture some linear motion. Depending on your surface and how much room you have, a small skateboard can work too. Just make sure you are moving the camera smoothlyacross the surface. 

The last tip you probably have seen in other videos to help your transitions, but this was the first time I have seen it applied for food videos.

What are some other video tips that can help others improve their food videos? What was your favorite tip out of these three? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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