A $60,000 Camera Requires Arctic Mammoth Tusk

Markus Klinko is a famous celebrity fashion photographer that you've probably seen on Bravo's Double Exposure television show or the countless high end fashion magazines featuring his covers and spreads. Together with his photographic partner Indrani, the duo have produced some of the most iconic celebrity photographs of the last 15-20 years. What you might not know about Markus is that he shoots on a collection of Mamiya RZ and DM cameras and digital backs and uses Leaf and Capture One by Phase One software. What makes his Mamiya cameras so unique though is his custom made ivory mammoth tusk pistol grip which combines the prehistoric era with the modern era all in one camera. For a more serious look at Markus's camera, check out the second video below.

Markus Klinko and his ivory camera grip:

Behind The Scenes:

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He must really freak out if it starts raining.

that ivory tusk is the biggest gag to hit photography. a ridiculous marketing tool at best, not that any of that has any say in the quality of his work.

Patrick Hall's picture

what do you mean?   It connects him to the ancient power of the Mammoth!

Maybe he feels like a power ranger when he shoots photos.

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It's a personal piece for his camera that he likes.  What's wrong with that?  It's just like putting rims on a car - I'm sure it has personal meaning to him.  Especially if he found it in Russia himself - I'd want something like that on MY camera.

well that guy made me hate him in a record time

Well said good sir

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I love it when I'm not the one actually posting and can feel free to say things like, "That's (*@%!^& ridiculous!"  Thanks for the chuckles Patrick. :)

Patrick Hall's picture

wait, what?  I thought this was actually really useful :)  I can only imagine what sort of creativity I could come up with if I too was inspired by the ways of the mammoth!

Forget him... what about her?

If you watch their series, you can't help but label her a whiny bitch!

Shit can her and bring in an upbeat hottie....  just saying.

I watched the series and while he takes some great shots, all I could think of was man this guy is just a cry baby and a punk. Idrani is clearly the brains of the operation.

Wow, wow, I bet he's a real pain to work with, but man, are his images spectacular!! Give props for the talent

ha!! what a jackass.. great post

Now it only needs a bit of tiger blood in it and it will be legendary...

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Reminds me of Catholic novelist/satirist Walker Percy's Lost in The Cosmos: The Last Self Help Book. 

His witty multiple choice question about how the ordinariness of a table with 4 legs and a top is not enough.To satisfy greater desires for stimulation (novelty), it now needs a top made from shark jaws or support made from exotic animal legs.

LOL you guys are funny. Markus Klinko is freakin' awesome. If he called you for a shoot, I BET you would assist him. Idrani also used to date Lindsay Lohan. I should show you guys my camera system. Its as over the top as this guys.

True story, I am friends with Markus Klinko on Facebook and they just posted this thread on their official facebook page. Who knew someone this big would actually be checking into Fstoppers so frequently?  

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Awesome!  No matter what anyone has said above, I have to say they produce some amazing photographs.  I remember looking at the Will and Jada Smith portrait when it came out and thinking that was really really clever.  No need betting, we would jump at the opportunity at creating a BTS video for them....drama and ivory cameras included :)

You guys seriously need to contact Jill Greenberg. She is REAL cool and is always posting on facebook. She would do a BTS I'm sure of it.


Great photographer, pompous ass.


Interesting.... The camera seems cool. I wonder how Russia feels about him taking the tusk... Since it's technically the property of Russia and a historic piece. But way cool. It looks like a Rhino horn.