All the Little Things You Should Be Carrying In Your Camera Bag

By now, you’ve probably started a small collection of miscellaneous things you always carry with your photography gear when out shooting. To up your game and be prepared for the scenarios you haven’t thought of yet, check out this exhaustive list of stuff you need in your camera bag.

In this video, Jessica Sterling for Advancing Your Photography takes us through everything she carries with her alongside the main camera gear. These small items range from things you may already carry, such as tape and AA batteries, but there are several items that you may not always be taking along like face powder and cotton pads to cut the shine down for male portraits and lint rollers to save frustration in post. To be honest, I wish the video showed her bag because with the countless number of items she mentions and shows us, I’m really wondering how it all fits into one bag with her gear.

Is there anything else you bring along that wasn’t mentioned in the video? Or something important enough that it deserves to be mentioned again? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hope she still has space for a camera in her camera bag...

hahahaha. so true! but a lot of the stuff is small...

Another Video bait article.
Com eon, if I want to watch a video, I go to a video website directly!

Video baited the shit outta you!

click bait, video bait, can we just outlaw those terms. I enjoyed the video. Thank you!

Com eon yourself.

It's not bait at all. If you paid attention, the lead image has a circle with a triangle in it. That means video...internationally. Soooo...don't click on any article that has that symbol. Bam! No more aggravation for you. You haven't been tricked at all and now you can avoid what you don't like.

Maybe not all of the members here cruise You Tube or other such sites. The link just gets some of the members there without having to search. It's a topic that some may not consider. A bit of a perk from a site that costs us nothing to belong to.

I'm glad we are alerted ahead of time if something is on video, but I wish there were also a transcription service. I LOVE the information provided at Fstoppers but just don't have the time or energy to slug through videos.

The only purpose of the video is to promote her name.

Why would you think that? She mentions her name once two seconds in and then it's straight informational content for the next 6 minutes. Sounds like the viewer walked away with a good deal if the only purpose was to promote her name.

Guys, do us the favor and learn how to shoot proper videos. If you want to feature helpful little things, don't film yourself in a close-up shot, pulling up items and showing them off for just a second.

Show the items instead – and what you can do with them in practice. Talk less, visualize more. It's video, you know?

Totally agree, and ideally she should just post a list of the items on YouTube so someone doesn’t have to watch the whole thing.

Well, in this case I wouldn't point my finger on HER too much. That's a conceptional / editorial issue, not a personal question.

The cotton swabs, lint brush, hair spray and a little clip to keep wardrobe in place... that's actually good advice. The rest, if it works for anyone- great. But man, you're really packing a lot. Depends on your ease of travel, if you have an assistant, etc.

So true, Vincent! I only carry a rolling bag, as I’m often out and about in different locations. But it does weigh a lot! LOL!

I just try to keep it simple and pack for the shoot itself. I can see keeping a good amount of these items handy at home in a box near my gear and looking at them as I get ready for a shoot as a once-over though.

Sometimes, lately, I find it easier to bring everything. That way I know I can put my creative "all" into a shoot. But for very specific, smaller, local jobs I pack pretty light. Definitely a balance! LOL

Some good suggestions in there.