And The Winner Of The Facebook Contest Is...

And The Winner Of The Facebook Contest Is...

This month we teamed up with SLR Lounge and Kelly Moore for an awesome Facebook Fan giveaway. With an overwheleming number of entries, I'd say this contest was even more successful than last month's. Without further adieu the winner of this month's Facebook Fan contest is....

Congratulations to Jessica Peterson! Jessica will receive a Nikon D800, Peter Hurley’s The Art Behind The Headshot DVD, SLR Lounge’s Lightroom 4 DVD Guide and Presets, and the Kelly Moore camera bag of her choice!

Below is the email we received from her:

I don't even know where to begin. But I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. When I saw that I had won, I literally burst out in to tears. I am still shaking with excitement. This has truly changed my life, and it really is a literal answer to my prayers. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This means the world to me. I don't think I can thank you enough. What do I need to do from here to claim my prizes? I all ready know what camera I want. The Nikon D800!!! Ah, a dream come true!!! I will have to think about what Kelly Moore bag I would like. But I look forward to your reply!
Thank you again.

-Jessica Peterson

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Congrats Jessica and great contest fstoppers

Congratulations Jessica!  Great contest FStoppers, Kelly Moore, and SLR Lounge!

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Amazing win -congrats! Go forth capture everything!


Congrats Jessica!

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Congrats! Good luck with it.

Congratulations Jessica!  Enjoy!

congrats!! use the camera well!! :)

Congrats! That's so awesome!

O, dude... 

Use it with passion. 

congrats jess! :] 

Congratulations Jessica!!!!! So glad for you!!!!   :) :) :) 

Congrats Jessica!!

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Congrats! Live it up!

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Congrats!  Keep the contests coming FStoppers, these are awesome!

Alrighty!!!! Congrats!

Can we get a follow up and see what she’s been shooting etc? I don’t want to judge her as a photographer but it would be nice to see what she thinks of it and how it has helped her? 

AWESOME!!!! COngratulations, Jessica!  So excited for you!!

Congrats Jessica!!!

Congrats Jessica, and i hope i am the next winner :)