Another Canon Camera Is on the Way

Another Canon Camera Is on the Way

Canon has continued to plow full speed ahead with their mirrorless camera and lens development. It looks like they have no intention of slowing down either, with a new camera coming in February. 

Canon Rumors is reporting that Canon's newest camera will be announced before CP+ in February. The camera will be the EOS R8. Following Canon's normal naming convention, this means the EOS R8 will sit between the EOS R7 and EOS R10 in capabilities, which should make it a mid-level APS-C camera. It will likely feature the same 24.2-megapixel sensor found in the EOS R10 as well as a newly designed rear screen and form factor, though it is not yet clear what that will entail. 

It is certainly interesting to see how quickly Canon is filling out their APS-C mirrorless line. They have been fairly aggressive with their full frame options, but their APS-C DSLRs were also quite popular for many reasons. First, they offered a lower barrier of entry than full frame options, both in terms of camera bodies and lenses. Second, they were a nice option as a backup body or for people who benefited from the 1.6x crop factor. This included sports and wildlife photographers, who often preferred to simply use a camera with a crop factor rather than invest in another stratospherically priced supertelephoto lens. 

We'll see what February brings! 

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Now how about some awesome APS-C lenses, perhaps weather sealed?
The FF 100-400MM is great bit it is the lack of truly wide angle lenses for APS-C is what is needed.
Not a lot of APS-C but just a good range at less expensive prices with typical superb Canon optics.

Even if they just start re-releasing some of their EF-S lenses with built-in adapters, it would help... And I'd love to see the whole EF-M line moved to RF-S... Some good glass there

And while we're at it, allow 3rd party manufacturers to build lenses for RF Canon.

An R8 would seem to be solving a problem that doesn't exist. The margin between the R7 & R10 is rather narrow.

It seems that a $499 R100 might be what Canon needs to bring more of their consumer camera customers into the RF ecosystem.

I've got thousands, with Canon's name on it... once they ship an updated R5 Mark II, (which is what the original should have been...)

Don't need more megapixels.. Just need it to have some type of cooling solution/and or heatsink, and prevent the huge drop in shooting performance when the battery goes from 100% and drops to 70%... the whole 20 fps down to 10 fps or whatever, is something that needed to have been fixed, before the unit shipped. Same with heat management. Removing the low pass filter (causing pictures to be slightly blurry, for the slight increase in less moire is something I would also like to see removed).

Once they do that... I've got almost $5k in amazon points that has Canon's name written on it.

Come on Canon... you can do it! You updated the R6 to R6 Mark II in less than 2 years (as you realized you screwed up on the features that the camera *didn't have*, and you asked way too much for it...) Just as you redid the R6 to R6 II in less than 2 years, please do the same to the R5... hell, charge more for it... I don't care... Just don't make it slow down so fast, and add a heatsink for longer run times, and call it a day!

A Canon R5 Mark II would be the world's FIRST perfect camera! This is coming from a Sony A9 owner with GM lens...