Aputure Announces Two Powerful and Weatherproof LED Lights, LS 60x and 60d

Aputure Announces Two Powerful and Weatherproof LED Lights, LS 60x and 60d

Aputure has been growing and improving the lighting sector in photography for some time now, and they show no signs of slowing down. Announced today are the Light Storm (LS) 60d and 60x, two 60 watts adjustable focusing LED lights.

Few elements of a scene matter more to a photographer or videographer than light. It is no surprise, therefore, that we demand a lot of our lights, in both power and utility. Where once lighting manufacturers were thin on the ground, bottlenecking you into certain brands, it has opened up over the last 10 years which is nothing but a good thing for the consumers and prosumers alike.

I was first introduced to Aputure through reasonably modest means: their mini-LED, the Aputure MC. This little RGB light brick has full control over hue and brightness, as well as a number of effects. I took it with me on a shoot to add some creative colors to the scene and was thoroughly impressed. The quality of the product was as impressive as its functionality, and so I started to look at the other options they offer, and it's vast. They have everything from blindingly bright 600 watts studio lights in the LS 600D Pro, through to smart bulbs that can be used as practical lights with normal lamps, in the B7C.

Aputure has now announced the newest addition to their Light Storm series with the LS 60d and 60x. The adjustable focusing LED light is either daylight balanced (60d) or expanded bi-color (60x), sacrificing some power output for extra temperature control. The lights can be powered by either NP-F batteries or an outlet, and all of it — including the AC adaptor — is weatherproof. These lights powerful (up to 50,000 lux at 1 meter on the 60d, or 30,000 lux on 60x), mobile, and rugged — a perfect light for roaming videographers. The cherry on top is that these lights come with a Bowens mount adaptor for your modifiers, as well as 8-leaf barn doors included in the box.

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