Aputure Unveils LS 600d Light, the 'Brightest Single Source LED Light Available' at 600 W of LED Power

Aputure Unveils LS 600d Light, the 'Brightest Single Source LED Light Available' at 600 W of LED Power

Aputure has revealed details and specifications of its latest release. Unveiled at IBC 2019, the LS 600d LED light is the company’s most powerful continuous light so far, in what they are calling “600 watts of raw LED power.”

Aputure President Ted Sim made the exciting announcement about the gear, which is the next installment following the current LS 300d II. The specs are out, and the light will have a 600 W LED output, equivalent to about 4.5-5K watts of tungsten output. In their review after the event, Cinema5D cited the LS 600d LED as “the brightest single source LED light available.”

It draws 750 W of power, with a CRI of 96+. It comes with a Bowens mount, allowing users to utilize modifiers that wouldn’t be compatible with similar HMI lights. The light can be plugged in or run on battery power, the latter of which has a life of 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Aputure’s goal is to have the light available before NAB in February of next year. Between now and then, there are aims to halve the size of the control box, although even if it’s not achieved, there’s no denying it will be a desirable piece of lighting equipment for both filmmakers and photographers who enjoy shooting continuous light.

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Matt Williams's picture

I love LED technology so much. This would be almost 5K of incandescent wattage. Makes my Godox LED lights look pitifully weak.

Spy Black's picture

A 600 watt LED light that draws 750 watts of power?

David Love's picture

Thanks for posting something that wasn't Sony or Apple related for a change. I guess Blackmagic will just be totally ignored and they are party crashing the entire video market with cool stuff.

Caleb Hauff's picture

600 watts goes directly to the LED chip the extra 150 Watts is drawn from things like the onboard fan and electronics within the ballast.

Motti Bembaron's picture

If their 120D is $750, I wonder how much that would be.

Jonathan Dear's picture

We have local pricing about $5000 aud here in Australia. About 2.5x the current 300d II rrp.

Motti Bembaron's picture

That's insane. But hey, I am sure some will buy it anyway :-)

Jonathan Dear's picture

Yes it’s the Aputure Company’s most powerful single chip light but it’s not the “brightest single single source led light available”, that crown goes to the Mole Richardson 10k and 20k led.