Are These Our First Hints at More Sony Prime Supertelephoto Lenses on the Way for Mirrorless?

Are These Our First Hints at More Sony Prime Supertelephoto Lenses on the Way for Mirrorless?

Sony has appeared to have filed new patent applications for two more prime supertelephoto lenses: a 500mm f/4 and a 600mm f/4. Hold your wallet and check out these first images of their internal design.

Published today by Sony Alpha Rumors, the website said that they have spotted new patent applications filed by Sony back in 2017 and were now published in May 2018. The application shows three lenses, one of which is the already-known FE 400mm f/2.8 GM that is launching in September of this year. The other two we haven’t heard word of before until now.

Three new Sony lenses in patent application filing.

Sony 500mm f/4 lens design.

Sony 600mm f/4 lens design.

It’s no secret that Sony wants to go big into the sports photography world, and the a9 camera wasn’t developed as just a fun side project. I think these three lens options, if all make it to market, are going to finally satisfy checklists for many pro sports holdouts of the Sony mirrorless system. The pending 500mm and 600mm lenses are also starting to reach into wildlife and bird photography territory as well, which I am personally thrilled about.

For a closer look at the FE 400mm f/2.8 GM lens, check out this video from Sony Artisan Patrick Murphy-Racey detailing many of its features.

Patent images sourced via Sony Alpha Rumors.

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Forget about Pros using these for sports as there simply not robust enough compared to top Canon and Nikon kit, as for the 'amazing new features' working Pro's have zero need for them as they are, dare I say, Professionals....
From a press perspective I've used Nikon kit in the arctic, desert and jungle environments and on top of that due to often using unorthodox transport I've had to subject the kit to some pretty bad abuse but once again I've never had problems. Having used a Sony a9 with GM lenses, (which I have to say results in ridiculous ergonomics), I'm confident to say I'd have zero confidence of that camera taking the same punishment, some might say you shouldn't expose your kit to that kind of thing but the fact is a professional camera system should be capable of dealing with that.
Lastly a small but valid point, as someone who as a junior photographer spent hours outside the Central Court in London during the winter waiting to get a shot I'd like to knough how I'm supposed to use a Sony a9 whilst I'm wearing gloves? a small dare I say fiddly camera which with regards to settings is overly menu heavy.....