The Best and Worst Times to Buy Smartphones Online

A good phone can really enhance the life of a photographer. Don't let your next purchase break the bank by buying at the right time of the year and following these suggestions.

The team over at The Verge are back once again with another insightful video on the best ways to buy a used smartphone online. This week, director of photography and cinematographer Becca Farsace talks through her method to dramatically upgrade her phone while minimizing the amount she spends.

You won't be surprised to learn that the video suggests many of the obvious places to find a secondhand phone. There are, however, a few alternative websites recommended that I've never heard of before that are well worth a visit. The video also explains the product cycle patterns for many of the most popular phones out there. This information really is important to know when buying a used phone, as timing really can make all the difference. For example, the new iPhone is always announced in September, so buying one secondhand in July or August just before a newer one is about to come out really wouldn't make sense if you're after a bargain. Instead, opt for buying one a few months after a phone's release when the used phone market has been flooded by users selling their old phones after upgrading. 

Farsace also suggests some great tips to help reduce the chances that you get stung on a deal by making sure the seller is posting pictures of the actual phone they are selling and how to check their feedback, etc. If you've had the same handset for a good few years now and you'd quite like a phone with a much better camera or tons more storage, then now might just be the right time to grab yourself a bargain.

Lead image by QuinceMedia on Pixabay, used under Creative Commons.

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Thanks for tips. Actually I am very cautious when buying stuff online, though my level of cautiousness depends on the online store. And I really like that one can read feedback of those who already bought the item; it really helps to make a choice between a range of products. And as recently I learnt from the economy needs to adapt to the fact that businesses can produce, sell and deliver goods with less labor. Thanks again for the interesting piece.