Best Gimbal for the GoPro HERO6?

The HERO6 is the latest action camera from GoPro. Although it boasts some pretty cool features and specs, it's missing some much needed optical stabilization. Currently, it only has digital stabilization available which crops the footage slightly, and even then this feature is only available when shooting at 4K 30fps. If you intend on shooting at 4K 60p, which to be fair is the main attraction of this camera, then, unfortunately, there is no internal stabilization available, meaning the footage from the camera can be very shaky and not pleasant to look at. This can be corrected in post with some potential adverse effects or, you can use a 3-axis gimbal. 

Feiyu Tech, a company based in China, are known for making high-quality gimbals and their current Feiyu G5 has been specifically designed for GoPro. This feature-packed gimbal promises to offer incredibly smooth footage, negating the issue of the HERO6 not having internal stabilization. One of the major features this gimbal offers is its IP67 rating. GoPro cameras are known for being all-weather to some extent and now having a gimbal which can keep up is definitely interesting. 

Check out my latest video to see how the G5 performs with the GoPro.

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I like some of the features but the stabilization is pretty poor. There seems to be a constant fine shake that gets really bad at times. Also, why did you cut off so suddenly at 2:31? It looks like the gimbal is really failing to stabilize but you cut the footage. Over all, it seems to fail at doing the one thing it should be good at. The footage is better, but not on par with the Karma Grip by any means.

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Asked someone professional in Feiyu company. When you use the G5 with the Gopro 6 you must pay attention to the charge. when the battery is 80%-100% it will be no problem to make a video. But when the battery under 40%, when you are charing there are some niose which are normal.

Cool! I just got one from , I can not wait to try it. As I thought, it's so amazing. When I ride my bike to use this device, it can easily to record the scenery along the way, no shake screen, the overall video is very smooth. If you are like me, enjoy outdoor cycling, you might as well get one.

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The Hohem iSteady is a suprisingly good budget option too.