Bi-Color, Light, and Waterproof: Is This the Best Portable LED for Photography and Video?

Bi-Color, Light, and Waterproof: Is This the Best Portable LED for Photography and Video?

The portable lighting space has never been busier, which is great for us consumers. But is this one of the best portable lights on the market?

My shift more and more towards LED lights is something I've begun documenting. While they unambiguously lack the power of strobes, they're significantly lighter, smaller, easier to change power and color, and often much cheaper. I have multiple, of all shapes and sizes, and the little LED light bricks (particularly if they're RGB) are becoming a staple of how I light shoots. In this video, photographer and videographer Mark Holtze, puts forward the case that the LITRA Pro Bi-Color is one of the best out there presently.

For $219.95 this little light will put out up to 1,200 lumens, has flicker free light control, OLED display, incredibly durable design, and what I would regard as its USP: it's waterproof. I haven't specifically sought out a waterproof LED light, but of the many I've owned, tested, or looked into, none have had that feature. LITRA push this light as studio lighting that can fit in your pocket, and it doesn't seem far short.

Have you tried this light? What were your thoughts?

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If you like that light you should also check out For $99 its a great little light. Currently bought some for a gaffer on a movie and he loves it. Wants me to get him 6 of them as little hero lights. Solid app and does effects.

Ok, so working filmmakers actually use these kinds of lights? I'm constantly seeing YouTubers promote them but they rarely find a practical use beyond set dressing.