Canon 5D Mark IV to Receive Improved Video Capabilities With Firmware Upgrade

Canon 5D Mark IV to Receive Improved Video Capabilities With Firmware Upgrade

If you're using Canon's latest full-frame offering to shoot video, you'll be pleased to hear that the 5D Mark IV is slated for a major firmware upgrade in the coming weeks that should vastly increase its video capabilities. There is a drawback for some owners, however.

One of the main criticisms of the 5D Mark IV thus far has been its 1.78x crop factor when filming in 4K. Canon Rumors is reporting an upcoming firmware update that is expected to introduce C-Log to the camera will also change this, introducing a 1.27x crop factor for DCI 4K and 1.29x for UHD, with no change in frame rates and output remaining at 8-bit. Nonetheless, the 1:1 4K sampling mode (1.78x) will remain an option. 

Furthermore, full-sensor 3K modes at 60 fps and 24 fps (HDR) will be added, which the FullHD 1080p mode will take advantage of for improved perceived resolution. Lastly, the XF-AFC file format will be introduced with two options: 120 Mbps (4:2:0) and 200 Mbps (4:2:2).

The drawback is that the decrease in crop factor means an increase in sensor sampling area and an increase in generated heat from additional processor load. Newer batches of the camera have an improved heatsink design, but earlier models may need to be sent to Canon for service or they may experience overheating warnings with the new firmware. There's no word yet on if Canon will charge for this service. 

Remember that this is still a rumor, but if true, it could indicate a major shift in the 5D Mark IV's position in the video world. 

[via Canon Rumors]

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Yeah, baby. If this happen, can't wait to see the face of Canon bashers online. Especially that no rumors are coming from Sony whatsoever, no announcement of a new E mount camera, nothing

Considering this is a rumor, you can compare it to this Sony rumor as well. Its probably a $5k camera though.
Personally, I hope Canon does this to push the industry and particularly the $3k camera range. The a99II could use a firmware update to pick up the slack in a few areas and better video competition from Canon might do that.

C-Log and a better crop factor. If they do this I might get rid of my Sony cameras and buy another mark IV.

I doubt this rumor is true. This is completely unlike Canon, they have never done anything remotely close to this, this is Fuji and Panasonic style.

8 years ago... Trust me I would love it to be true, just notting putting my money on it, especially considering this heat sync tid bit, seems too far fetched.

If they charge for this then they are going to have a lot of very upset owners. The alternative, in my opinion, would be to offer a variation of the 5D Mark 4 which has this update implemented already at a higher price or to charge more for the updated version if they only intend to market one version.
To charge the early adopters the same amount of money for a lesser product than those who chose to wait receive or to force the early adopters to pay more for an equal product is a PR nightmare, in my opinion.

As an early adopter, I would be less than pleased.

Surely if someone was going to buy one either online or through a shop it'd be a quiet runout of the non-upgraded earlier floorstock before the new upgraded stock came through?? I wonder if there's going to be a "serial numbers after XXXXXXXXX have the upgrade" information release? I'd hate to buy one (which I'm still leaning towards) and would have a bit of a go with video but then either have to send it back or wait for the original stock to sell out.

Too bad Nikon doesn't really care much about video capabilities........ #D750 #allIeverwantedwaspeaking

Let's hope they use a better compression as well. Motion JPEG for 4k as the only option is insane