Canon 6D Available for Pre Order

Canon 6D Available for Pre Order

So you saw the 6D and loved it. I don't blame you, there is a lot to love. If you wanted more than your current crop-sensor camera, but couldn't see yourself using the 5D MK III, then maybe the 6D suddenly looked extremely appealing. Well you can get your order in now to make sure you get it on release day and have it in your hands before it sells out.

Pre order the 6D Body Only

Pre order the 6D Kit with 24-105mm f/4 L Lens

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Looks like a solid step up to full frame for those with a Rebel. 

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No, that would be the cheaper better 5D MK2...good one Canon /sarcasm.

Essentially Canon has released a Honda Civic and priced it as a BMW M3...the irony, the never driven last years model M3 (the 5D Mk2) is cheaper then this new Civic (the 6D).

Like the 6D, nothing is wrong with a Civic, unless your dumb enough to try to pawn it off to the public for more then a current M3. ( 6D=$2099 , 5D=$1899 )

Clearly the 6D should've been priced exactly at the current price point of the 7D.  Why? Simple, they are the two entry level cameras in the dSLR-market-split...7D for action photogs and 6D for portrait/landscape photogs.

To Canon: Start taking note of the business practices of these three companies...Apple, FujiFilm, & Sony:

Apple: Apple continually releases upgraded models/products at the same exact price point as their predecessors...I know, baffling ;)

Fuji: For their innovative mirror-less cameras that are marketed to real photogs, that photograph like real photogs...not like a P&S.

Sony: For their innovation and risk taking in the market.

When the 6D's price drops drastically, which it will, it will then sale...until then any real photogs will know the 5D Mk2 is the "current" entry level it is cheaper and a better bang-for-the-buck.

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No, that would be the cheaper better 5D Mk2 at $1899

Essentially, Canon is attempting to sale a Honda Civic at the price point of a BMW M3...nothing is wrong in of itself with a Civic, but you don't pawn it off at the price point of a M3.

For example, the Civic, the 6D is currently more then last years model M3 that has never been driven off the lot, a "new" 5D MK2....that's insane.

Clearly the 6D should've been priced at the same exact price point as the current 7D.  Why? Very simple...the 7D & 6D should be marketed to similar target markets; the entry-level-dSLR-split: 7D for action/sport photogs & 6D for landscape/portrait photogs.  2 different systems in a similar target market price.  Instead, Canon ingeniously (sarcasm) sells the lower-spec 6D for more then the superior 5D Mk2's going rate.  As a business major, this make no sense's insane, especially when one considers the devaluing of the US dollar, since the 5D Mk2's inception.

Canon needs to take note of the sound good business practices of Apple, Fuji, and Sony...if they wish to establish customer loyalty.

Apple:  Continuously releases upgraded models at the same exact price point as their predecessors...baffling, I know ;)

Fuji: Truly understands real-photographers needs and wants in the mirror-less market.

Sony: An innovator and risk-taker in the market, establishing products that meet real demand.

Once the 6D is priced correctly with the 7D-market, the 6D will likely sale just fine.  But, until then...this will be an epic-fail.

yeah it's called inflation. Everything cost more not just canon cameras.

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Not true, Canon has been raising prices, while simultaneously providing less-product per dollar.  With inflation, the 5D Mk2 (a revolutionary camera at the time) was around $450 more then the 6D on release, but is $200 less today.

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Not everything cost more ;)

 No, it doesn't. If you look at the specs it's bad. I thought the D600 was bad (and I revoked my pre-order on the D600). But the 6D is a joke

 Like...WTF are you talking about???

WTF Canon. A huge disappointment. I will be keeping my 5DM2.   Other than the FF the T4 actually has better specs and for  a third of the cost. IF you gotta have a full frame you can now pick up the M2 for under 2grand.

 Yeah..and along with 5Dmii you can also pick up an older generation hardware and notorious AF problem in low light conditions...

Matthew Guss's picture I said, Canon thinks were dumb enough to purchase a Civic at last years M3's going rate.  I honestly don't understand their recent business decisions...very short-sited.

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Yep, you perfectly summed it I said Canon is pawning us a Civic at the cost of a a business major, I find it astonishing.