Canon Confirms the EOS R3 Mirrorless Camera: 30 FPS and Eye-Controlled Autofocus

Canon has confirmed the upcoming EOS R3 mirrorless camera, and they are not messing around.

In a short teaser video and press release, the company confirmed the camera and some of its specs, and they are quite impressive. The EOS R3 will indeed include an integrated grip similar to a 1 Series body, with Canon saying its weather- and dust-resistance will be on par with the flagship bodies as well. In addition, the body will utilize a newly developed stacked CMOS sensor with a back-illuminated design for much faster readouts and thus, less rolling shutter. The camera will have a continuous burst rate of 30 fps to match that fast readout.

On the autofocus front, the camera will bring the EOS R5 and R6's capabilities along with eye autofocus capabilities for animals and birds in addition to people. What is even neater is that the R3 will bring back a feature not seen since the film days: eye-controlled autofocus. Users will be able to select an initial point for AF tracking simply by looking at the spot, making it easier than ever to follow quick action. It looks like things are getting quite exciting for Canon fans! 

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Taher Safari's picture

Bravo 👏 Canon...

Andy Day's picture

Outpace. Outperform. Them's fighting words!

Lee Christiansen's picture

Announced today
Shipped next year
Arrives 6 months later due to Covid issues
Finally in stock a year later on back order
Affordable 12 months later.

I finally get one 2025 - 4 years after I retire from pro photography... darn. :)

Mike Ditz's picture

Canon likes to announce that they will be announcing that a new camera is coming out and will be available sometime in the 3rd quarter of next year. When Sony announces something it is usually available for purchase in 2 weeks.
Canon is getting better now that it woke up from it's long nap.

W B's picture

Still better than Nikon.

I can say that because I own Nikon equipment.

Lee Christiansen's picture

Back in the days, I had a Canon with eye-controlled focus.

Granted this was with less tech available and I only had 3 points to work with, (how DID we manage?), and it only worked for my eyes after calibrating...

But I never got the hang of eye-control. I find I choose a focus point but my eyes easily twitch to view the scene as a whole - and that just confused the poor little thing. I always found it tricky to look at the exact area of my frame whilst still thinking about the rest of what's in the image.

It will be interesting to see how it is implemented and how reliable it is. With such high resolutions on offer and the possibility of missing the very exacting requirement to get exactly the right focus spot (which can be small), I wonder how accurate our eyes can be at choosing the right focus point - even if the tech is very accurate.

But at last, we Canon people have finally got a new camera with the number 3 in the name. :)

Tim van der Leeuw's picture

I think that what we REALLY need is a camera with NeuraLink integration to your brain and integrated mororized tripod-ballhead so that you can just LOOK at a bird in the sky or a sporting / racing person in the field, and the camera will KNOW that that is your subject, swing to it, start tracking, and shoot when you think the command.


Lee Christiansen's picture

Noooo... Then we pros would all be even more out of work than we are at the moment. :)

Mike Ditz's picture

I never got that to work, I think glasses confused it.

Colorblinded Photo's picture

I mostly used it wearing contacts, but I had a profile for glasses that worked pretty well. Hopefully it's even more reliable with the R3 though.

Colorblinded Photo's picture

BSI + ECF? I loved my EOS 3 and the ECF back in the day, of course I'm going to want this. The price though, that's what I'm afraid of.

William Donnelly's picture

canon is just to dam confusing why can't that just number them in order R5 R6 now R3 makes no sense

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

In the Canon world, the lower the number the more high end/advanced. So, R3 does make sense. Their flagship will be R1 (most likely). It's not going to be an R10 for sure.