Canon Confirms the EOS R5 Camera Is Essentially a Mirrorless 5D

Most have suspected that given its naming scheme, the EOS R5 is essentially the mirrorless equivalent of a 5D series DSLR, leaving room for an R1 to reach even higher than the already impressive R5. Canon confirmed this in a recent interview that shows a bit more of their philosophy regarding the upcoming camera.

In an interview with Tech Radar, Canon revealed a bit more about the camera and the company's thoughts about it. More specifically, David Parry, Product Marketing Specialist, said:

It’s [the EOS R5] aimed at that level of the market. This isn’t a replacement for the 5D Mark IV or anything like that. But this is a mirrorless 5-series; it’s aimed at that segment of the market.

The good news is that this essentially confirms that a flagship R1 is still to come. Given that the R5 already has jaw-dropping specs like 8K video and a 20 fps continuous burst rate using the electronic shutter (12 fps using the mechanical shutter), it is certainly interesting to speculate about how Canon might distinguish the R1 from the R5. Though that is a bit of a way off, it leaves a lot for Canon shooters to be excited about. Head over to Tech Radar to read the full interview.

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David Pavlich's picture

A camera built for those magnificent RF lenses!

davidlovephotog's picture

We'll see. I remember being excited for the mark 4 because of the 4k. Auto focus was amazing, crop, codec size (4gb per min of video) we not.

My biggest concern is already owning EF lens and now having to buy same lens for a new system. Or if my pocketwizards will no longer work. It's more than just buying a new camera. But if 8k no crop, dual focus with smaller 10 bit codec, it's worth the change. As far as pics, I was happy with the 5d mark 3.

David Cannon's picture

Those EF lenses work beautifully on the R system with the $100 adapter.

davidlovephotog's picture

Well that's a plus.

Kirk Darling's picture

But the control ring adapter is extra plus. It's particularly useful for riding the exposure in real-time in changing light situations. The adapter works so well I don't feel any pressure to replace my EF lenses any more quickly than I would have anyway.

David Cannon's picture

And I (and clients and agencies I have worked with) were always happy with the files the 5D3 produced. It still holds up!

Marius Pettersen's picture

8K no crop and Dual Pixel AF is confirmed by Canon. Hoping for a useful codec as well.

Jeremy Strange's picture

If we are to compare the R5 to the R1 (I assume that would be its name) in the same way that we compare a 5D to a 1D it would most likely mean a lower resolution (24~ish MP), more durable bodied high frame rate type device. A different camera for a different type of photographer, not necessarily better. Different tools for different folks etc.

Pedro Quintela's picture

It looks what I was looking for, despite loving my EOS R so far.
I just don't know yet if I can move forward. If the lockdown continues much further I will not be able to continue my trade.

Zakk Miller's picture

this is exciting.

Shaun Carta's picture

So essentially nothing the camera world doesn't have nor does it need.

Dillan K's picture

What do you want that it doesn't have?

davidlovephotog's picture

Someone delete this spam and remove this moron.