Is Canon Going To Release a High-Resolution RF Camera and Two Tilt-Shift Lenses?

Is Canon Going To Release a High-Resolution RF Camera and Two Tilt-Shift Lenses?

Rumors of a high-resolution full frame camera from Canon have been circulating ever since the arrival of the EOS R back in 2018. New rumors have emerged, along with news of some potential tilt-shift lenses.

Back in September last year, Fstoppers reported rumors of a 90-megapixel RF-mount camera that gave EOS 5DS and 5DR owners a route into mirrorless. With Sony and Fujifilm having released high-resolution cameras, the lack of a body that offers upwards of 50 or 60 megapixels is currently a hole in Canon’s lineup and one that it will no doubt seek to fill in the near future.

Given the recent news that Canon is promising a BSI sensor in the forthcoming and widely-anticipated R3 (read all the details here), it seems safe to assume that this new high-resolution beast will feature similar technology. Canon fans will also no doubt be keen to see the quality of the EVF and rear display. Canon Rumors reports that we can probably expect to see this new camera appear in the first half of 2022.

Also reported by Canon Rumors is news that two tilt-shift lenses could come to market by the end of the year: a 14mm f/4L and a 24mm f/3.5.L There’s one fascinating detail to note: thanks to mirrorless technology, they might somehow feature autofocus.

Are you waiting for Canon to release a high-resolution mirrorless camera? Are you looking forward to tilt-shift lenses? Let us know in the comments below.

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Tammie Lam's picture

Is fstoppers now a website re-posting random unconfirmed rumors?

Benoit .'s picture

Is it possible that rumors on Canon are on their way to dethrone the number of articles and reviews on the R5?

Ulrich Berger's picture

If I want to read rumors, I go to a rumor site. Are you running out of serious topics?

Rhonald Rose's picture

I am sure they are releasing few lenses with their R3. Rumors were 600mm+ lenses for sports initially, and now it's title shift lenses. I guess it will be all of them at different times this year, or telephoto with their R3

Richard Kralicek's picture

Producing an AF tiltshift lens just because they can isn't that kind of benefit I'd be looking for. As a focusing aid for shift-lenses it would be fine, but for tilting? When tilting the lens when shooting at an angle just to get everything in focus without focus stacking or stopping down way too much you still would need to check focus (on tripod) in the viewer or screen magnification. Letting the camera do the job would simply lead to errors.