Canon Is Planning to Update One of Its Best Lenses

Canon Is Planning to Update One of Its Best Lenses

Canon's 200mm f/2L is known as one of the most impressive lenses out there, and so, it was disappointing not to see it on the company's mirrorless roadmap. That may be changing, however, as a patent for a new version has emerged. 

When we saw Canon's upcoming lens roadmap, I was quite disappointed to not see an RF 200mm f/2 on the list. The EF 200mm f/2L IS USM is a popular lens for sports photographers, but it has also found a second home as an ultra-premium portrait lens, where its near-perfect image quality combined with the compression of the long focal length and ultra-thin depth of field make for photos that have an instantly recognizable pop. I have discussed how much I love the lens before, and so, it is great news to see that Canon Rumors and Canon News have discovered a new patent for an RF 200mm f/2 lens. Of course, we see patents for lenses and cameras that never actually make it to the market all the time , but in this case, I think it is fairly safe to say that we will eventually see a mirrorless version of the beloved 200mm f/2 lens. It will certainly be interesting to see what Canon can do to improve on the already highly impressive original. 

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The only thing that could make me happier about this is if it was f1.8L IS.