Canon Will Introduce Unique Cameras Aimed at Younger People Later This Year [Rumor]

As Canon continues to push ahead with their professional lines, particularly in the full frame mirrorless world, it seems they're also going to be diving into a perhaps unexpected realm: cameras for younger people. Check out the models we might see in the coming months.

According to Nikkan and Photo Rumors, Canon will be introducing three new cameras aimed at younger people. The first will be a camera with no screen, referred to as an "outdoor activity camera." Though that might sound like an action camera of sorts, the prototype (shown above) looks more like something meant to be clipped to a zipper or keychain. The next is a camera that has a button allowing it to switch between 100mm and 400mm (only those focal lengths, nothing in-between). Finally, the last is a camera that can stand alone with voice and tracking features, seemingly similar to an indoor security camera. I have to admit I'm rather surprised by the rumor, but I'm also interested to see what Canon can create if they take their expertise and apply it to more novel designs that depart from the typical DSLR/mirrorless form. Do you think these sorts of cameras will catch on over smartphones at all? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

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Guy Incognito's picture

How do you do, fellow kids?

Deleted Account's picture

Good luck to them.
My 2.5 year old daughter is perfectly happy with her* iPad** camera.

*My old iPad that seems to have been highjacked.
**Yeah, tell me about it.. she loves going around snapping with it.

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Who the hell wants a camera without a screen or viewfinder? Go pros are a dime a dozen now, I really don't see the point of these.

Is it just me or does the paint on the "camera" in the pic look scratched off inside the hook beside the lens?

michaeljin's picture

The square might act as a sort of "sport finder"? I don't know...

cameramanDop Shanghai Hong Kong's picture

You are too old already ;-)

C Fisher's picture

Ikr, as soon as ya hit 30 its all downhill from there lmao

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Specs are sad

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Now, if they were to work a phone into those .....

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Most kids don't want an actual camera. They want a cellphone that has apps, games and social networking. A camera certainly ties all the social networking together but a camera by itself really doesn't do much. The generally populous is also getting away from desktop computers and even laptops. So taking out a memory card or connecting a device to their phone or tablet is just an extra step when they could just do it all from that one device. A lot of newer phones are water resistant.

I just don't see a market for this. Even parents that won't allow their kids a phone or tablet just buy them a Nintendo 3DS and that has a camera. It's a crappy camera but I've never heard any of my nieces and nephews complain.

Maybe I'm wrong and parents and kids will embrace it. Kinda hard to compete with a cellphone though.