Canon's Flagship Mirrorless Camera Is Likely Coming in 2021

Canon's Flagship Mirrorless Camera Is Likely Coming in 2021

Canon's mirrorless lenses have been met with much acclaim, but many photographers are anxiously awaiting a truly professional level body to accompany them. A Japanese newspaper is reporting that that camera, equivalent to a 1D flagship body, will be announced sometime in 2021.

Japan's Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun is reporting that Canon will bring out a top level EOS R camera at some point in 2021, with prototypes already being tested. Currently, Canon and Nikon have no real mirrorless camera that competes with Sony's a9, and as Canon's mirrorless line continues to fill out, the need for a more advanced body is apparent. That being said, their mirrorless lens lineup is itself still far from completion, and the article also reports that the RF lens collection will not be fully formed for another three years or so. That being said, the fact that Canon has a firm timeline for the RF lens lineup seems to indicate that the company does plan to eventually transition primarily to mirrorless cameras, which wouldn't be particularly surprising given the general direction of the industry. Whether we will see this upcoming flagship mirrorless camera in the hands of photographers at the upcoming 2020 Olympics is unknown, but either way, it's an exciting time for photographers! 

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That's okay as long as they have something for a much sooner release along the lines of the 5DIV. Patience can only be stretched so far and if Canon doesn't come out with a 5DIV equivalent and soon, there will be more defectors heading to other shores. The same can be said for Nikon.

You do realize that the EOS R is basically a mirrorless 5DIV, right?

Single card? Really that is a problem?

What Lee said and yes, a single card is a problem for me. I had an SD card fail and couldn't recover the data, however, in that camera, a 5DIII, was the CF card which had the data. It's fine if you're willing to risk losing shots, but I like the extra insurance of a second card. Fact is, it's mandatory for me.

Too late. I jumped ship.

The Scam of Mirrorless Marches On ..

It certainly does. What does mirrorless do that a DSLR with a shutter can't do? It's a ploy to make you buy all new lenses.

Completely silent shooting is one advantage...

Did you notice that huuuge rolling shutter, when using silent mode? Useless for anything, that is not still. Too bad.

I don’t use it for anything but stills during weddings or any other type of ceremony/event/meeting where staying silent would be beneficial.

Tools are only useful to those who use them properly.


If this next iteration meets my needs, I might care.