Chase Jarvis: "Backup Your Pictures"

Chase Jarvis has apparently figured out the secrets of creating a viral video. I think he released this video 3 days ago and it already has 50,000 views. I don't mean to keep posting CJ videos but they are all really good so here another. Check it out!

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This is by far my favorite vid on your site yet.
Great, no fantastic job explaining things.

love CJ, big inspiration to me.

As a backup and disaster recovery person, and a weekend warrior I found your video quite interesting. However there seems to be a bit more manual process like the physical shipment to off site. Given the quality of your guy's work I'd suggest a live off site replication solution just to remove some of that manual process.

But it's still great to hear people have conversations about backup and disaster recovery. So few people heed simple basic principles until it's too late.

what's the track sounds in this video?