[Comical] Which Camera Is The Best: D800 or 5D Mark III

The web is abuzz with comparison articles on which $3000 DSLR camera is the best bang for the buck. Kevin Good with CrisisLab recently did a side by side comparison of the Canon 5D Mark III and the Nikon D800 in several real world tests. His tests include Resolution, Rolling Shutter, High ISO Test, and Durability. Each test was conducted to the highest of standards and perhaps might be the most scientific review I've seen yet. Now off to Craigslist to find me some models!

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loved it :D

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That is one sexy Craigslist baby!

Funny video :)

Not bad at all - everyone should be pretty happy with their purchase.  The video ISO was the biggest difference but they didn't do still photos ISO test - same result???

Definitely very different results for stills.  We didn't happen to do a stills test that day (we should have) but others, like DPreview, have done meticulous tests and the stills results are nothing like the video results.

that green screen was freaking awesome.

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That was an awesome comparison! I loved  it.
( good god, Did they really nuke a mark iii???)
:D lol great video, nice find Mr. Hall :-)

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What kind of tea did he brew?

It was English Breakfast infused with essence of Canon.

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We now ought to open a new thread analyzing the porosity hole size of the tea bag vs those brewed in the D800 and the Hasselblad.

PS... anyone have the link on B&H? (decaf)

gaaawwwwd, dubstep? umm... actual the music was good, love that opening track. Anyways, enjoyed the comparison tests, esp. the whole Justin Timberlake meets Cameron Diaz/strip off, lol. 
Oh and to touch on the still photo vs. the video-This is the main thing I keep pushing for camera companies is to consider a codec built in that shoots at 300 ppi and not the typical 72 ppi per frame. Those of us that shoot timelapse and pay attention to each frame size and resolution will notice that even if your workspace (i.e. Photoshop layers to frames export to video) shows an image size of 300 pixels per inch, when in export it will ultimately become 72 pixels per inch (frame grab in post). But the data rate will be much higher than usual.