Contest Entry: Amber Williams Shoots Infrared

This is going to be a busy week for FS. The contest submissions are starting to pour in because the deadline is only 6 days away. We are going to try to bring you at least one professional BTSV and one contest submission every day.

For her contest submission, Amber Williams teaches us about infrared photography (something I knew nothing about). Amber did a fantastic job of keeping the video interesting and informational.

I'm just excited that there are some some cute female Fstoppers out there. Show Amber some love in the comment box below.

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I love infrared photography I have the equipment as her but I am not as good in photoshop or corel, I think I need some good tutorials, keep up the great work.

IR-Photography is very interesting. Hearing about it i was just going "its a bit of fiddleing around with your editing software"

Know i know better. Thanks for the insights.

Great Results.
Can someone tell my why is the result best at noon? Does artificial light provide to less IR-Light?

Hey Lee,
"...excited that there are some some cute female Fstoppers out there".

I love cute girls as much as any other guy, but this comment was both sexist and offensive to Amber Williams.
Her IR take on BTSV videos is very welcome, and doesn't need those uncalled-for comments.


Thanks for that post.
Looks really interesting and easy to do... so I think I should try that too. :)

What a great BTS and tutorial!!

Really appreciated it!!!

Thx for sharing and congrats to Amber for this video!

I am sorry if my comment sounded offensive and if Amber herself doesn't like it then I will remove it.

I didn't mean to imply that the only reason I am posting this video is because there is a girl in it; the video itself is great and deserved posting.

If I said I was happy to have a submission all the way from China would that be a racist comment?

Most of the FS readers happen to be guys, I didn't plan for that, it is just the way it is. I was simply saying that I am glad to have female readers as well. Perhaps I shouldn't have called her cute.

I've been shooting IR with a converted 10D for some months now and I'm really enjoying the difference in style shooting for a different wavelength forces upon you.

Also, I agree with Amber's view that shooting around noon / the brightest part of the day is the best time. It's completely counter-intuitive but it works. It also gives me something to do when the other photographers are hiding away, working in the shade!

I've got a few examples of my IR photography on my blog (click the link to but they are now tucked away on page 2...

Incredible and inspiring! Amber rocks!

Nice vid, pretty technical but I wish there was more in depth of the post process. It wasn't like the video had to be short for a commercial, it's suppose to be for teaching and learning right?

As for the "cute girl" comment, I find nothing wrong with that, it's all personal opinion and I do agree she is cute and even sent the video to a photographer friend and commented the same thing but it was also not solely because she's cute.
You can also see it as an "eye for detail," take that away then what is the point of being a photographer?

Xavez, personal opinions is one thing but to speak FOR someone, "sexist and offensive TO Amber Williams," is different.

I do look forward to seeing more submissions from female photographers as male and female, cute or not, have different perspectives.

Nicely done. I'm not a big user of post editing of images beyond the basics in Lightroom to make a nice image, so I totally apreciate the work that goes into making these pictures. They are very cool.

really interesting very informative

Incredible work!

Update: I talked to Amber, and she is not offended.

Really cool to see something way outside the box. I have never thought about IR photography but this makes me interested to play around with it. The final results were pretty sweet.

As for the "cute" comment:
It may stun some "enlightened" or "progressive" people to know that most humans are not offended when someone says that they are attractive. In my experience, if someone is "put off" when you pay them a compliment, they are offended way too easeily and generally are the type who live life looking for things to be offended about.

Further, I love seeing users play political correctness police with the owner of the site, who puts so much effort into giving us great content everyday. Thank you for promulgating excessive censorship on an artistic website.

To everyone who enjoys being offended I refer you to the huffing-and-puffington-post ( There are thousands of users on this site who share your enthusiasm for the melodramatic.

Very cool work!

I had to laugh at the "I’m just excited that there are some some cute female Fstoppers out there." statement.

Loving the site guys, keep it up!

You are THE girl Amber!
Luv the pics!
Great camera demonstration showing the IR technique, and plenty of clear info to get started, how about doing a follow up on just your post processing?
Oh did I mention I luv the pics? lol!
Kind Regards,

If you can get the full IR effect by using the R72 filter then why does anyone do the sensor conversion? Is the quality truly the same with both methods?

I have been curious about IR photography for a while--thanks for the video!

-Har Rai

Hey everyone! Thanks for your comments and kind words. -Har Rai the nice part about using a converted CCD is that exposures are much faster -Almost like taking pictures of visible light. -This will help you to photograph people and moving objects rather than just landscapes. If I am not mistaken I don't believe they get the hot spots either. -The hot spot occurs because the lenses we have are optimized for visible light which means the filter and the lens clash a little bit as to what kind of light to record. -By not using the filter you should also not get the red tint- but you may still want to use a CWB. -Plus you can still use your viewfinder if the camera is converted rather than using the filter. -Hope this helps!

Great Job amber! I wasn't a fan of IR until i saw how much work you put into making your images. I love the stark white and blue snow-looking photos at the end.. keep it up!


Amber, thanks a lot--very helpful. Nice shots, look forward to seeing more of your work!

-Har Rai

great pics, Amber. IR photography is quite different from what I've been trying to learn, and I appreciate this introduction.

Nice stuff, for me the most interesting part was the time lapse editing.

Great video Amber. I noticed in your notes that you are using PSP X. How do you get the RAW files into it? I find that Lightroom doesn't play nicely with the custom WB I use for IR images and I haven't got another RAW converter (at least one that'shandy) so I haven't done a lot of IR for awhile. What do you use?