Could this be the new Nikon 1?

Could this be the new Nikon 1?

In the wake of the announcement of the Fuji XT-1 and Sigma dp Quattro high-end mirrorless cameras, Nikon appears to be taking a second look at their new generation of 1-Series offerings. After lackluster sales of the original launch of the Nikon mirrorless models, it appears that Nikon might be turning its attention to the prosumer market to compete with Fuji, Olympus, and Panasonic if these concept images are to be believed.

These images originally seen on Nikon Rumors show the signature Nikon red swoosh and a new aperture control dial similar to the one found on the Df. It looks like Nikon users may expect the next 1-Series offering to have some more professional features and more comprehensive manual controls. Still no sight of an EVF for now.

Fstoppers Nikon 1 concept 2

Fstoppers Nikon 1 concept 2

Fstoppers Nikon 1 concept 3

Fstoppers Nikon 1 concept 4

Fstoppers Nikon 1 concept 5

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[Via Nikon Rumors]

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still looks like crap in comparison to the competition. What are they doing?

Needs a viewfinder before I'd be interested...

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I was excited about it until you pointed that out. But I agree. It's got to have a viewfinder.

As long as they go with a better sensor than their previous one, it will be a 100x the improvement. Wouldn't hurt if it had a true Fmount so it's instantly compatiable with all their lenses. (although most companies opt out of that cause then they can't sell you compatible crappy lenses. And for crying out loud, enough with the proprietary hotshoe,....anyways rant over, lol.

It's amazing that Nikon continues to believe they can sell these miserable cameras, especially at the prices they do. Have you priced a V2? This, mind you, is SUPPOSED to be the V3. All they had to do was add a hot shoe to the V2 and sell it for around $400-500 and they would have a decent compact mirrorless. Now they're supposedly going to sell this? Nikon and Canon have no clue of the market around them, they both think they're going to continue ruling the roost doing whatever they want.

I'm still old fashion, it's missing a viewfinder.