The Cullinator: Bringing Photo Editing and Gaming Together At Last

I am a self-confessed gaming addict, so when I found out about the new 'Cullinator' I was beyond thrilled. Finally my insatiable thirst for all things gaming related will no longer derail me from editing my photographs. 'The Cullinator' is an impressive program created by Ed Pingol Photography that takes any gaming controller and transforms it to a photo editing controller.

Imagine sitting back and sorting and editing your photos without being hunched over your keyboard while also cutting the sorting time in half. Ed is also working on a protoype for video editing, as well, using a wireless PS3 or XBOX360 controller that you may already own. No buying of an extra product needed. You can buy the Cullinator for culling photos and basic editing on Lightroom at their website

Could this be the future of photo and video editing? The gamer in me is sure hoping so.

Via: SLR Lounge

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Rebecca Britt is a South Texas based commercial, architectural and concert photographer. When she's not working Rebecca enjoys spending time with her two daughters, playing Diablo III, and shooting concerts (Electronic Dance Music). Rebecca also runs the largest collective of EDM (electronic dance music) photographers on social media.

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After watching this I pulled out my 10 year old USB gamepad controller and found a free (shareware) program called USB Overdrive that let me map the buttons to whatever keyboard shortcut I wanted.  It doesn't work to change the sliders in the develop module, but now I can fly through the library module flagging photos, assigning colors and star ratings, and rotating as needed.

I didn't watch the video so I don't know what it specifically does, but in the develop module (on windows at least, I assume it's the same for macs) I know that the period and comma keys cycle through the the sliders on the basic panel and plus and minus adjust the value.

Look for a free LR plugin called Paddy. It allows you to map the sliders, and basically all LR controls to key strokes. Then you can map those keys to your controller. I personally use a Razer Nostromo game pad to sort and edit my photos and it has really kicked up my productivity.

Maybe just because I'm a music nut, but I saw this the other day and I think it's pretty amazing. A software developed to use a control surface designed for music production with motorized faders implemented in Lightroom. Physical sliders representing the onscreen sliders and on top of it they can snap to the value that Lightroom is currently set at.

Thanks for sharing! The midi controller is way better than some crappy game pad. :)

BAH.. I thought that I had an original idea.
I use a PS3 controller with Bluetooth and a free button mapping utility. I set the library module to auto advance and I can sort up to 75 photos a minute if I render full size previews.
One huge problem with LR is that you can not assign a "Crop 8x10" preset or key shortcut. I really wish that Adobe would allow for full keyboard customization in LR like they have in all of their other programs.
 I have a background in microcontrollers and have alway though that it would be awesome to have a physical control surface for all of the LR sliders.

Heh, you're not the only one. I've been using USB overdrive and a gamepad for years. I use it in both PhotoMechanic and Lightroom. Never even occured to me to market it, thinking I was the only freak who'd find it useful. :) I don't know if I have carpal tunnel or anything, but even scrolling with the keyboard for more than a couple hours at a time will cause me pain in my shoulders and hands. I have a Wacom (which I do use for editing, but doesn't work well for culling); I've tried vertical mouses, but the only thing that felt completely comfortable to me was the gamepad. No stress on my hands, shoulder, elbows, anything that used to cause me problems. (It got bad enough that I would have to switch hands for mousing.)

Most of us use LR????? Hahahahaha Noooooo!!!!  Anyone that knows what they're doing uses PS if they are not trying to edit a thousand images at once 

Lightroom is certainly more prevalent than you give it credit for. Unless you are doing "editing" you don't need Photoshop. If you are just doing "Processing" and color correction than Lightroom is an excellent tool. Even many die hard Photoshop users still use Lightroom for import, sorting, basic correction, and then only push the few images that need pixel editing over to Photoshop.

I didn't say it was a bad system ....It has its uses, yes it has a good sorting system and I love the watermarking feature of it... I'm not saying you do this, But most of the Lr users I've seen just hit a preset and call it finished?! I just think that's sloppy and shows you really don't care about the outcome 

But once again I do understand that it does have a purpose

I on the other hand edit everyone of the images I'm going to use in Photoshop, I don't care about the number I bought my PC as a powerhouse just for it. I want every detail of every images to be unique and clean- But again I understand that's just me

Interesting concept, but I don't see this catching on with the masses. I for one will stick to my keyboard & mouse. I would much rather have a Wacom Tablet.

thats intense

Is this a joke?

I am more comfortable with the mouse and keyboard than I would be with a gaming controller.  Mapping keys on a keyboard is somewhat more efficient IMHO.

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